‘FlyInside FSX’ Puts You in the Cockpit of a 747 and Many More Aircraft, Kickstarter Now Live


FlyInside FSX aims to put Microsoft Flight Simulator X into VR with its Oculus Rift DK2-compatible plugin.

Did you know that becoming a commercial pilot requires a minimum of 250 hours of flight time? And they don’t even let you crash once. Or drink. And they make you wear pants.

FlyInside FSX, a Kickstarter campaign focused on bringing VR support to the popular flight sim Microsoft Flight Simulator X, wants to put you in the cockpit of a 747 jumbo jet, Extra EA-300 stunt plane, Bell 206 helicopter, and many others. However project creator Dan Church wants to do much more that just put you in the cockpit.

Church is currently developing an in-cockpit virtual desktop so you can view online tutorials, flight videos, webpages, and charts—all accessible without the need to take off the VR headset. If it’s your first time with FSX, the number of gauges and flight protocol that makes flight sims uniquely intimidating can become especially frustrating when isolated inside a VR headset. Eliminating the need to constantly peek down at a smartphone for extra info is a welcome, and clever addition to the plugin. Also, why not watch a movie on the red eye from SeaTac to LaGuardia?

vritual desktop fsx

Because Microsoft Flight Simulator X wasn’t originally intended for virtual reality back in its initial 2006 release, Church has created a number of work-arounds to squeeze some VR functionality out of the aging flight sim. DK2 owners know that legibility of fine text, like gauge clusters, is still an issue with the headset’s 960×1080 per eye resolution. FlyInside has addressed this by adding 4k super sampling to the Alpha preview, and has slated zoom functionality and an in-game magnifying glass for the software’s full release.

FlyInside Kickstarter

Because FlyInside is a plugin, would-be VR pilots need to own a copy of FSX to fly the friendly skies in virtual reality. Church suggests getting the Steam version, as it has been updated to work on Windows 8.1 back when it was added to the game distribution platform in 2014.

FSX fans that already own the game can download an Alpha Preview copy of FlyInside for free, which you take flight in FSX from inside your favorite aircrafts. Church warns that the Alpha “doesn’t include functionality under development, like the virtual desktop or magnifying glass, and also has various bugs typical of alpha stage software.”

Provided FlyInside reaches it $13,500 funding goal, the project will be able to deliver all of this, including support for more planes.

Funding Tiers:

  • Pledge $35 or more – Receive a digital copy of FlyInside FSX at launch!
  • Pledge $65 or more – Gain early access as a FlyInside FSX beta tester! Be a guiding force in FlyInside development by helping to eliminate bugs, refine features, and ensure compatibility. You’ll also receive a digital copy of FlyInside FSX at launch (Aug 2015)
  • Pledge $200 or more – Want something physical to remember FlyInside by? You’ll receive a physical copy of FlyInside Collector’s Edition on cd-rom! You’ll also get a quality FlyInside t-shirt, and a FlyInside poster with fun flight plans to tour in VR! Also includes a digital copy of the final product, plus early access.
  • Pledge $750 or more – Choose your favorite 3rd party aircraft, we’ll make sure that it works well with FlyInside FSX! Includes beta access and a digital copy.


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    As a simmer, FSX is the first thing that came to my mind when I knew about the DK1, that was about to be released. It has take long to have a minimal Rift support in FSX. That’s the problem of being a minority inside a minority.