Codemasters and EA revealed its next official video game of the Formula One World Championship, F1 24, which includes VR support when it launched on PC next month.

Coming to consoles and PC on May 31st, F1 24 is set to launch with PC VR support, letting you race down digital versions of real-world F1 tracks.

In comparison to previous F1 titles in the series, Codemasters says F1 24 includes “[a]ll-new suspension kinematics, an upgraded tyre model, advanced aerodynamic simulation, and new engine and car setup options enhance the driving experience.”

“All driving aspects are improved with cornering, rolling resistance, brake pressure, ambient track temperature, and variable conditions enabling drivers to receive immediate feedback to maximise their on-track performance,” the studio says on the game’s Steam page.

“Our biggest Career innovation since 2016 delivers more of what our players want with greater variety away from the track. Alongside new handling and Career innovations, updated circuits, new audio, and a refreshed broadcast presentation give players the feeling of being closer to the grid,” said Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director.

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The game’s VR mode will be exclusive to PC, the studio says. If it’s anything like the prior F1 23 (2023), racing fans are in for another gripping driving experience in VR, as the entire game is playable from within the headset.

There will be two versions of the game in pre-order right now, a Standard Edition ($70) and the Championship Edition ($90), which features a number of extras, including stuff like more in-game currency and more liveries to show off on track.

Image courtesy EA, Codemasters
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  • Rudl Za Vedno

    I just hopeCodemasters and EA get their sh@t together this time around. F1 23 is borderline unplayable in VR. It was a complete foggy stutterfest on 5800X3D/64GB/4070TI Super/SSD/Reverb G2 combo until I SS it to 150% in OpenXR/Steam and switched G2 from 90 to locked 60Hz. That gives me good visual results with still acceptable locked 60 fps. Plus their implementation of DLSS2 and FSR2 is unusable in VR as it badly degrades image quality and doesn’t solve micro stutteting issue.

  • Mike

    I’ll probably not play this as it’s not really my thing but I’m just thankful any big budget studio is still supporting VR. thank you to the developers.

  • Bloozmaster3000

    Vr will never be good on this they don’t give a shit

  • CrackedGlass

    It’s funny how people, especially gamers, keep hoping. The gaming industry, for now, is dead. With all these AI powered tools, the developers and studios are lazy to actually create good, meaningful content. Also, it’s funny how people are still willing to pay the same amount of money for a game that has literally the same features.

    VR for F1 2024? It’s been here for a while and it’s still shit. Will Codemasters get their shit together? No, never. Why? Because they are totally disconnected from their audience.

    Stop hoping and stop buying these crap games. If you don’t, you will only encourage the creation of mediocre at best games.