Thirdverse and inXile Entertainment today announced that Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds, the upcoming team-based multiplayer shooter, is officially launching on PC VR headsets next month.

Frostpoint VR is bringing its 10v10-player shooting action to Steam and the Oculus PC Store on December 1st, which includes support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows VR headsets.

The game includes a point capture mode called ‘Conquest’ and Team Deathmatch, but you’ll find that the game’s expansive maps are peppered with biomechanical ‘Reclaimers’ for some PvE chaos.

We went hands-on during the game’s beta access period last month, and although at the time it was still lacking optimization for min-spec machines, it undeniably had good bones in the gameplay department, which we hope are even better a few weeks later.

We had our reservations in terms of overall draw, and whether it would stand the test of time after the glut of launch day players slowly dips down, but again, there’s no telling. Thankfully, the studios ran a ‘Play to Own’ scheme with the open beta, so hopefully it will overcome the player pool stumbling block that so many other multiplayer-only VR titles have faced in the past.

To celebrate launch, Thirdverse and inXile are also throwing in a competition starting December 1st, where you’ll be able to compete in a multi-week Leaderboard Challenge event. The top five winners will get a load of prizes, including a GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card from NVIDIA, an Oculus Quest 2, Amazon gift cards, and Frostpoint VR merch.

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  • DanDei

    That seems wayyyy too soon. The beta was a glitchy disaster. This game is dead on arrival. There is no way in hell it will build up and keep a player base big enough for 20 player matches to be found frequent enough in matchmaking. Not even with the thousands of free copies for beta users.
    Bland concept, bad execution and a huge miscalculation of the MP market on VR right now.

    • Charleston

      I agree, there hasn’t been a single multiplayer paid VR game that has survived past launch day besides the obvious few. Pavlov only survived because it was an “I’m First” game.