The latest update to Gear VR has brought with it a Home aesthetic that ought to be pretty familiar to Oculus Rift owners.

The new version of Oculus Home is said to roll out in stages to Gear VR owners, and will come with an interface that unifies the aesthetic across all current Oculus headsets.

From a video captured by redditor pablotech1, there doesn’t seem to be the ‘friend’ section, as in the Rift version of Home. Oculus has yet to release word on when they will ‘socialize’, allowing for user-to-user interaction.


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  • Rafał Kun

    and why is there no Netfix on the rift shop? Why do i have to buy games on Rift that i already have on Gear VR?

    • Erik

      Because Netflix didnt develop one ? It’s not like the Oulus store can convert mobile android apps into PC versions. This is something developers have to do.

      As for buying on mobile and getting PC for free, I can see it the other way but the PC versions often have better graphics and thus added value.

      I actually really dont mind supportign developers twice if they made their best effort on both Rift and Gear VR, not just porting the same version.

    • Erik

      Btw, if you buy Virtual Desktop (Steam) you can view Netflix in the browser in Rift.

  • Great to see the rudimentary being left behind. Home is an opportunity for Oculus and they’d better not blow it. Having it mostly in common between the Rift and the Gear VR is a wise and obvious move. Now just lift the restrictions on what can be accessed via it. Far better for all in the long run. Make profits on something other than market manipulation. This is so obvious that I don’t see how those smart guys don’t get it.

    Anything that fosters choice drives the _exponent_ in the exponential growth rate of VR so make-money-on-something-in-the-space-rather-than-on-controlling-it. Your market and your profit will grow fastest. You will also be looked on as kindly, Blind Oculus. Never a bad persona in a public image war. Throw your current front face away in favor of a completely open new one and thereby thrive therein. Try it internally.

    When one opens the default Oculus store on any device he should be permitted to immediately name another store or whatever that performs a function similar to its own. A user can be in a provider space by naming it. No need to specifically start Oculus store because it will always be the default entry point. Naming it again effects a clearing of the current Oculus Store user state. The only thing that changes in the Oculus app is the very first facing process which should accept either a typed or spoken token. Should this choice be demurred, one is left in exactly the Oculus Store as it is. Otherwise one is stack switched to to the token (typed, spoken) store. Popping that stack is possible to leave one’s app in a prior state. (Other stack manipulations?) It shall be called http://UniverseOpSys for which I am UniverseSysOp.

    The implementation details to try this user model are really simple. Anyone could do it, actually. Perhaps I will. I need JavaScript practice.

    At app startup on any device, a first dialog box will appear that can be closed or silenced upon which the app is in the Oculus Store state if one made it the default (which is the default.) If something is named (type, voice,..), the app goes into a state where whatever is offered in that store is presented however the store does that. OculusStore has a privileged appearance.

    I take an official, immutable stand as UniverseSysOp that what happens after this is none of my business. At the same time it will remain under my control officially and immutably. A dichotomy with a long back story.

    Found there is hereby the Kindly, Blind Oculus store entry. If they choose to provide access to valid purchases in it, so be it and Kindly do so.

    One can effect this one way or ‘tothr, anyone can get by hook or by crook anyway.