Oculus plans to bring livestreaming to Gear VR, letting users stream their gameplay to Facebook allowing friends to watch and interact with comments and reactions.

One of the common problems with Gear VR and mobile VR in general is that, whenever you put on the headset to play something, and your family or friends are with you, they can’t see what it is that you’re actually looking at. Often times, if you’re a spectator, you’re either just awkwardly staring at someone losing themselves in a VR headset, or awkwardly trying to avoid doing that. There’s also the fact you can’t stream to an online audience, such as what you might expect on Twitch. To address those needs, Oculus has announced that they’ll allow Gear VR users to stream their view in the headset to Facebook later this year.

Max Cohen, Head of Mobile at Oculus, said as much at Oculus Connect 3: “often, you’ll have more friends outside of VR than inside of VR at any given time, and so, we’re actually going to launch live streaming later this year, so you can share your in-VR experience to anyone on Facebook.”

Cohen showed some pictures of what Gear VR users can expect. As they show, it’d be accessible through the Universal Menu, allow people to Like and comment on the stream in real time on Facebook, and give the user stats on the stream afterwards.

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No other details were announced, like if you would be able to see some of those stats in real time while playing in VR (like you can while doing a normal Facebook livestream from your phone). Nor did we hear about a major question on our minds: if/when will we see the same functionality on the Oculus Rift? Right now, most games display a view of the headset on the PC, and people are free to record and stream that desktop view however they want, but Facebook’s live streaming feature is currently restricted to mobile devices.

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  • Kevin Walker

    Another feature GearVR gets before the ‘premium’ Rift.

    • David Herrington

      You are right about not being able to stream to Facebook, but the main purpose of streaming is so people with you can see what’s happening which Rift and Vive already do through mirroring to the main monitor.

      But forget about the the Gear, Oculus, and get us streaming wireless video from our computers to the RIFT!!

    • Doctor Bambi

      Seriously, so weird! I would LOVE to stream my Rift games. Luckily, the fact that it is coming to GearVR solidifies the prospect of it coming to Rift at some point in the future. My only guess is that a lot of effort is being put into Touch right now and if I’m not mistaken a huge update to Oculus Home is coming with the launch of Touch.

  • Sky Castle

    I use to love my GearVR, but phones are not ready to handle vr yet. It over heats like a mother *$#@**. I can’t even watch a full movie on my phone in the vr cinema before it shuts down due to heat.

    • OgreTactics

      I think it doesn’t have to do with the processing power of the smartphone, but the way it handles video. Stereo or FHD movies are actually very badly handled compared to real-time 3D.

  • I hope it gets YouTube support. Capturing video of my GearVR projects is very difficult right now.

    • Don’t count on it. Google (YouTube) and Facebook (Oculus/GearVR) are competing in the livestream space. Facebook has a lot riding on Oculus so don’t expect them to make it easy to stream to the competition, sadly.

      What workaround are you using now?

  • OgreTactics

    Call me when you can simply -stream- anything from or to other devices.

  • Mary Teresa Nortcliff

    so on gear vr I can only find 2 games that will livestream to facebook that’s sisters and temple run

  • That’s awesome! I should purchase my own VR headset now. I think I can afford it.