If you own either Rez Infinite (2016) or Thumper (2016), it might just be music to your ears this Valentine’s Day. From now until February 20th, you can get either (or both) VR games for 50% off on Steam. Here’s how:

If you already have Rez Infinite or Thumper on Steam, just add the missing game to your cart and it will automatically update to 50% off. If you don’t own either, you can also get both for 50% off too. Rez Infinite normally sells for $25, and Thumper for $20, which with the sale puts the total at $22.48.

The sale lasts until Tuesday, February 20th at 8am PST (your local time).

As a VR take on the classic rail shooter Rez (2001), Rez Infinite originally launched on PSVR back in 2016 from Japanese production studios Monstars Inc. Since launching on Steam last summer for Rift and Vive, the game has garnered a 91% rating among users, making it a ‘very positive’ reaction to the heart-thumping, psychedelic game. The game has since launched on the Daydream mobile VR platform.

While both games feature pulsing soundtracks, Drool’s Thumper (2016) is a beautifully weird rhythm game, sending you along your way as a strange little space beetle tasked with violently hitting all the right beat-inducing obstacles. Released back in October 2016, Thumper is currently rated 92% positive among Steam users, putting it too at a ‘very positive’ rating.

Until February 14th, you can also enter in a chance to win both Rez Infinite and Thumper collector’s edition vinyls from iam8bit.

The contest ends February 14th at 11:59PM PST (local time). Enter here.

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  • James Cobalt

    Unfortunately the music mix is a bit inferior up on the PC release (the most important part of the game!). Having played the original on Dreamcast a zillion times, I noticed it within seconds. Others online and comparison videos confirm it. Some say the PSVR version of Rez Infinite doesn’t have this issue. The developers have released a couple patches to improve the mix but… it’s still not there. It’s much more trance-y sounding and many of the key sound effects and music stings are subdued compared to the earlier releases. :-/ #FirstWorldProblems