From now until the end of 2017, Google is offering a game bundle worth $40 with every Daydream View purchase, which includes some of the platform’s best titles. Google’s updated VR headset was announced this week alongside their Pixel 2 smartphones, and begins to ship on October 17th.

The 5-game bundle of first-person explorer Eclipse: Edge of Light, multiplayer spell-caster Wands, asymmetrical multiplayer game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, puzzle-adventurer Lola and the Giant, and wacky mini-game collection Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan is a great way to kick-start your Daydream VR experience.

Parkour-shooter 'STRIDE' Releases on Oculus Quest on August 5th

Announced on Tuesday, the new version of Daydream View – a VR headset enclosure for Daydream-ready Android smartphones – has improved upon the original design in subtle but important ways, with new optics, ergonomics, and a passive heat sink – read our hands-on article for some initial impressions.

The new headsets begin shipping October 17th; the game bundle will remain available until December 31st, and must be redeemed by January 15th 2018.

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  • mellott124

    What about if I preordered a few days ago?

  • Xron

    You should try contacting them and they should give you an explanation, you shouldnt wait till they send you.

  • oompah

    VR is soooooo user un-friendly
    Whats da use if u cant use it for more than 30 minutes
    What I expect from it:
    -The VR headset should be like spectacles with little weight. With todays tech it is possible to squeeze everything in few mm3
    – VR can be mainstream if it can give a continuous experience for at least 3 hours and continue after 5 min break
    – Since most ppl have glasses , it should have automatically detect & adjust the focus similar to opticians euipments
    – The better VR should directly send light into eyes using fibre optics using lasers instead of using LED/LCD screen taking into account the natural lenses in the eyes.
    -Better to paint the eyes’ retina using scanning rgb lasers(with fiber optics) , like screens for projectors, this would also drastically reduce the h/w & weight of VR headset. For each eye, put all 3 RGB laser signals on one optical fiber(yes u can put many many in one) , then use a servo controlled micro-mirror to project images in retina of eye .
    – In the begining a scanning laser beam (similar to LIDAR) should read the 3D parameters for each to determine the location in space where to project each pixel , this will take care of unique deformities for each user
    – The centre of focus should have max resolution and the resolution should decrease away from it, similar to natural eye, hence eye tracking is required. And less processing power required , I expect decrease upto 1/3 or even 1/4 so less heat ,less temperature , less cooling requirements and increased frame rates. It is stupid to have same resolution at edges as in centre.
    – Backward compatibility with old games is also a must. Many ppl love to revisit old games ; nostalgia is a human nature.(This can be implemented by simulating the old functionality or even an old virtual machine )

    Therefore, more research is required in personalization & ease of use.