Survival Sim ‘Green Hell VR’ Demo Releases on Steam Today, Gameplay Trailer Here


As a part of Steam Next Fest, Incuvo Games is today releasing a free demo of its upcoming VR adaptation of Green Hell (2019), the popular open-world survival game.

The studio says Green Hell VR is officially launching on Steam and Meta Quest in the first half of 2022. Like the original, the VR version has been confirmed to feature co-op, although it’s likely to come in a postlaunch update.

In the meantime, SteamVR users will be able take your first steps into the game’s immersive rendering of the Amazon rainforest, replete with day and night cycles, and dangerous flora and fauna.

Incuvo aims to make Green Hell VR “the most complex and authentic survival game for VR,” as it’s based on the critically-acclaimed flatscreen game from Creepy Jar.

The new gameplay trailer shows off a good number of VR-centric interactions, including chopping down trees, making fire by hand, hunting with a bow and arrow, healing yourself with home-made bandages, and building your base.

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The handy little watch also includes all of your vitals, which you’ll need to keep an eye on as you adventure through the jungle.

The studio says its early demo build has issues with optimization at the moment, so it requires a high-end PC. Incuvo says it will publish a list of recommended cards on Steam for players, and will be optimizing and improving performance leading to launch.

You can download the free demo on Steam here when it’s live.

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  • 3872Orcs

    Fantastic! Downloading now!

    Any word on co-op in the full game?

    • Sven Viking

      Last I heard they planned to work on it post-launch. That was some time back though.

  • Taun Hawk

    Where can we leave feedback from the demo experience? Do they have a discord channel? I have had to restart a couple of times. I made it all the way to the point where you need to bandage your wounds, but no matter what I try I cant get the bandages to wrap around my forearm or leg. Gave up. Too bad they didn’t allow saving, I doubt I will bother trying it again having to do everything all over. But kudos for them to make a demo for us to try. The graphics look pretty good. It takes a bit getting used to with the controller scheme and how to access things. Its so easy to click and grab things you don’t mean too. Not sure yet whether I like the way the back pack functions. But I imagine I would get used to it over time.

    • Ragbone

      You hold the bandage over your leg after pressing the button that raises your knee then a circle animation plays and when the circle fills its applied.
      But i cant figure out how to bandage the arm lol, i think it not possible and a bug.

      • Taun Hawk

        Thanks. I saw that Gamertag had the same problem in his review video. Cas and Beardo Benjo got it to work in their review vids. Might be just an intermittent bug. I can tell from their multiple comments in all the posted video reviews that Incuvo Games are very passionate about this project and are going to hopefully release a much better version in the future.

        • Ragbone

          In the meantime, you might like the Forest.

  • 3872Orcs

    Lol there’s some sketchy bots in here upvoting our comments. That’s new.

    • Shy Guy

      They’re all over disqus, not just this site, unfortunately.

    • Ragbone

      Bots have feelings as well you know.

  • NL_VR

    The demo is pretty “rough on the edges”
    Need a lot of “fine tuning” before release.
    I wonder how old this build is. If its recent they still to do more work.

    • Kris

      Hi! Thanks for your feedback, we still have some issues to work on especially on the performance side, but we are not giving up any time soon and we are striving for the best :)

      • NL_VR

        The game has great potential to be a real good VR-game.
        Like how you can pick stuff up etc but i had problems that you always have to aim to pick up, just reaching for and item and grab doesnt work if it doesnt register that “im aiming” correctly.
        And i often by mistake grabbed items in the distance, i think i good mechanic when grabbing on a distance should be pressing grab-button and then do something else, pressing a button och flick your wrist like HL Alyx. Just aim and press grab often makes stuff flying all over because accidently grabbing.

        Also there should be more “weight feelings” on items.
        i understand its early demo and its good start and it looks really good.

        • David

          the “quotes” around “random words” in your comments seem “a little unnecessary”

          • NL_VR

            Did you not understand or something?

          • David

            I don’t understand why you would randomly include unnecessary quotation marks.

          • NL_VR

            I didnt put “” randomly.

          • David

            You think you didn’t, but you did. That’s not how quotation marks are supposed to be used. No one else does that

          • NL_VR

            Ok….. riiiiiight

          • Ragbone

            I “disagree” (full stop)

  • Looks pretty solid, like a competitor to the OFTEN IGNORED “The Forest”. Btw, The Forest does all of this stuff, along with multiplayer, base building, and a crazy story. It’s a remarkable VR experience.

    • Kris from Incuvo

      Thanks a lot for your support and feedback, we really appreciate it!

      • Ragbone

        Do you guys offer beta testing? Would be cool to help out with testing this.

    • Ragbone

      The forest is amazing, i just remembered they are making a sequal or a similar game. Looking forward to this one as well. I hope they add a feature to harvest maggots in your wounds so you can use them for food like in real life.

  • It looks cool from the trailer

  • implicator

    From what I played of the demo it’s pretty cool. I like how all interactions are properly physics based rather than kowtowing to making all movements 1:1 with your hands. I got stuck as soon as I got the watch though, equipping it makes me no longer able to grab or do anything, and the walky-talky is stuck in my hand as well. I’ll have to retry it. Also the performance is bad, no idea how they’ll get it to run on Quest when my RTX 3090 is hitching at all low settings. I couldn’t recommend the game to anyone with less than a 3080. DLSS or AMD FSR would go a long way to help.

    • Ragbone

      It’s the same on my 3DFX Voodoo 2 with settings low or high, they have still to do optimization they said so it should be ok when its released. The best thing to do in the meantime is play in slow motion so it looks like its 90fps.