Survival Sim ‘Green Hell’ Releases on Quest 2 April 7th, Gameplay Trailer Here


Incuvo Games announced that its upcoming VR adaptation of Green Hell (2019), the popular open-world survival game, is officially coming to Quest 2 this month.

Green Hell VR: Quest Edition is coming to Meta Quest 2 (re: not the original Quest) on April 7th, priced at $30. The studio is offering a 10% discount on pre-orders from now until launch. Check out the Quest Store listing here.

At some point the VR version is supposed to feature co-op functionality, however this is slated to arrive as a postlaunch update, the studio says in a tweet.

Image courtesy Incuvo Games

Incuvo is also launching a version for Steam VR headsets, which is slated to arrive sometime in May 2022. Meanwhile, the studio says it’s making Green Hell VR “the most complex and authentic survival game for VR,” as it’s based on the critically-acclaimed flatscreen game from Creepy Jar.

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Like the PC VR gameplay trailer released in February, the new Quest Edition trailer showcases things like making tools, chopping down trees, hunting, building a base, fighting against amazon fauna, and protecting yourself from enemies in melee combat.

Incuvo says the new trailer has however been captured on Quest 2 natively, which is a good sign for such a dense and rich environment that should be filled to the brim with interactive items.

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  • 3872Orcs

    Hopefully with a Quest version that also means performance will be good on PC.

    That said, having tried the PCVR demo, performance was not good and graphics looked pretty bad when I tried to tweak performance.

    My specs: 2080ti, i9 9900k, 32gb ram, M2 SSD, Valve Index

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  • Dorothy Jean Thompson

    Will there be crossplay between pcvr and quest when coop comes out?

  • Ad

    Yeah not a fan of a game about being a white guy who drops in some jungle and has to fight off scary natives. Seems like it would have been an easy decision to take the native people out and replace them with poachers or more animals.

    • kool

      He’s not fighting them just bringing them closer to Christ!

    • Arturs Gerskovics

      .. but then it wouldn’t be scary anymore?

    • RedcoatTrooper

      I feel like more humans bring a change in gameplay strategy that animals can not provide.

      If the AI is done right humans can get past defences or climb to reach you in places impassable for animals.

      As for poachers they would have guns and modern gear that would change the dynamic of survival.

      The “native inhabitants” trope may have been used a lot but no more than the other “Russian mercenary” “Nazi” “zombie” “Mafia” stereotypes.

      • Ad

        Scary natives is a lie white people told themselves about the people they were exterminating, it’s not about it being overused.

        • RedcoatTrooper

          It is true that the “Savage” lie was widely used to justify atrocities.

          But now we can take a more nuanced view, some natives would have been absolutely terrifying especially if they are defending their lands as it it seems to be in the game.

          I don’t see an issue with portraying natives as the antagonists as long as it is done respectfully and they are attacking you for understandable reasons.

          • Ad

            This is truly braindead. You dropped into their home as some crazy idiot from the west who is probably a danger to them and their children, they want you out. We have had this stupid racist story a thousand times. There is no respectful version of that, you can’t just say “just do it but respectful.” That’s not nuanced, it’s just a newer neckbeard racism for gamers.

  • Looks cool!

  • NL_VR

    its doesnt look bad at all on Quest, but i do hope they fix the PCVR-version. The demo had terrible performance.

  • david vincent

    How is that the Quest 2 version runs well but not the PCVR one ?

  • Pablo C

    I appreciate the double launch, so it can be appreciated for real on PC.