As Audi look to introduce virtual reality showrooms to their flagship stores this year, at GTC 2016 the company is presenting their philosophy behind “The Audi VR Experience” and sharing the challenges behind driving high visual fidelity VR experiences.

Hosted in San Jose, CA, from April 4-7, GTC 2016 is all about GPU computing. And this year, the company is making virtual reality a top topic of the event, with a dedicated VR track featuring 45 talks and sessions from speakers across the industry.

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See Also: Hands On: Audi’s Stunning Next-gen Showrooms are Powered by Vive and Rift

One of my stand out experiences of CES this year, Audi’s VR Experience on the HTC Vive took a relatively simple idea, presenting flagship cars in VR for users to check out, and executed it brilliantly.

The Audi VR Experience is designed to give potential customers an idea for the look and feel of their potential new purchase, when the exact model—with various customisations in features and colours—is unavailable. This meant that visual fidelity, in particular the car models, had to look as realistic and detailed as possible. To this end, Audi found a technology partner in Zerolight, a company specialising in high quality, high poly rendering solutions.

At GTC next month, Marcus Kuehne Project Lead Audi VR experience, Thomas Zuchtriegel Team Lead Digital Retail Solutions and Darren Jobling CEO, Zerolight, present the ethos behind their Audi VR Experience as well as the challenges behind driving such high levels of visual fidelity in VR.

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The GTC 2016 conference takes place at the San Jose Convention centre in the heart of Silicon Valley, California between April 4-7. You can find more information on the event here.

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