‘Helldivers 2’ Fan Trailer Shows How Intense It Could be in VR


Helldivers 2 (2024) doesn’t have VR support yet, official or otherwise, although this new fan-made trailer shows just how immersive it could be.

Created by YouTuber ‘DemoAkuroVR‘, the unofficial cinematic trailer reimagines the squad-based shooter action in a modded version of Blade & Sorcery, the viral VR combat sandbox that is all about taking on waves of baddies and, as you’ve probably seen, decapitating them in style using melee and magic.

Check out DemoAkuroVR’s take on Devil May Cry (built in Blade & Sorcery) to see what we mean:

As you might have guessed, Blade & Sorcery is extremely moddable, letting you import anything from custom Star Wars maps and weapons, to the entirety of San Andreas from GTAwhich basically lets you go ham on whatever, however, and wherever—making for a pretty interesting test bed for your own ‘what if this was actually in VR’ dreams.

And DemoAkuroVR is all about modding Blade & Sorcery to make a host of similarly cool ‘what-if’ VR trailers, including non-VR games like God of War and Metal Gear Rising, but also games that already happen to have VR mods too—the difference being they’re all captured in Blade & Sorcery. 

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While there are a lot of VR mods out there, thanks to groups like Flat2VR, Team Beef, and Praydog’s UEVR mod, which allows you to inject VR support to games built in Unreal Engine 4 and 5, it may be some time before we actually get any sort of unofficial VR mod for Helldivers 2 since the game is built in the obscure and rarely used Autodesk Stingray game engine.

Even so, such a mod likely couldn’t include the intense physics-based interactions you see in DemoAkuroVR’s trailer, although we can always dream. Who knows, maybe developers Arrowhead Game Studios will take notice, and implement their own VR support?

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  • BananaBreadBoy

    Really wish this guy would do a proper behind the scenes. Some up this looks beyond any B&S mod I’ve seen, especially the NPC replacements (?).

  • JB1968

    So it looks basically like Farpoint on PSVR in Co-op mode (but with more than 2 players). What a shame Impulse Gear never worked on Farpoint sequel and instead of that released some battle royale clone with crappy Quest graphics. BTW are they even in bussiness?