Microsoft today announced a bevy of information regarding their upcoming Windows VR headset launch, which will see headsets from Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo coming this holiday season starting at $400. Revealed today by HoloLens chief inventor and project lead Alex Kipman, the Windows VR headsets have been confirmed to work with at least 67 apps—including games, experiences, and 360 video platforms.

Apps and Companies Supporting Windows VR Headsets:

Ark Park Life VR
Ancient Amuletor VR Littlstar
Arizona Sunshine Luna
Arte 360 VR Made in Holo
Baobab Map Design Lab
Bigscreen Melody VR
Bombu Minecraft
Bullet Sorrow VR Next Reality
Dark Legion NextVR
Defend the Bits Obduction
Dreadhalls Orange
Microsoft Edge Rec Room
Esper Recordbay
Fantastic Contraption The Rose and I
Felix & Paul Studios Ryot
Floor Plan Sky VR
Fly VR Skyworld
Galaxy Explorer Sony Pictures
Halo Space Pirate Trainer
Hello Mars Resolution
Heroes of the Seven Seas Superhot VR
Hololux Tee Time Golf
Holo Tours Teot
Hulu Ultrawings
I Expect You to Die Universe Sandbox
Inception VR vTime
InVokeR Eternity Warriors VR
Jaunt Wevr

This isn’t by any means a comprehensive list, as we’ve edited out some of the elusively Chinese-centric apps that don’t seem to offer multilingual support.

Windows VR headsets will also support SteamVR, as we suspect Valve and Microsoft are currently collaborating on an OpenVR driver that would allow for developers to more easily push support for games already designed for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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  • C0haagen

    The Forza games in VR would be my killer apps.

  • Graham J ⭐️

    Here ARE 67 Apps and Companies Planning to Support Windows VR Headsets


    • Lucidfeuer

      Nope, both are correct and interchangeable as they are the same difference as “this is (a list of)” and “these are”

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        The use may be idiomatic but news organizations generally strive to avoid sloppy, informal, ungrammatical forms. They hold themselves to a higher standard, and so do I.

  • Firestorm185

    Man, if Space Pirate Trainer wasn’t supported, it almost wouldn’t be worth the purhase. That game is gorgeous and I’m glad it’ll get the high def treatment. ^^