‘Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded’ Revealed, “rebuilt from the ground up” Exclusively for Quest 3


IO Interactive and UK-based studio XR Games announced they’re bringing a new version of stealth-action game Hitman 3 exclusively to Meta Quest 3 this summer.

Hitman 3 came along with VR support for the original PSVR at launch in 2021, later bringing Agent 47’s most recent exploits to PC VR headsets with the Windows version a few months later.

Now, a version called Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded is slated to arrive exclusively on Quest 3, which is described as have been “[r]ebuilt from the ground up for VR,” including a completely overhauled user interface and “enhanced movement mechanics” beyond the versions for PSVR and PC VR headsets.

It’s also set to include dual weapon-wielding (finally), enhanced interactive environments, more locomotion options, and other visual enhancements—chief of which is a new cel-shaded art style, which ought to help cut down on the extensive compute load that the game’s dense crowds and large maps were sure to cause on Quest 3.

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In collaboration with IO Interactive, Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded is being overhauled for Quest 3 by XR Games, which is also known for having brought a number of titles to various VR headsets over the years, including the upcoming Zombie Army VR from Rebellion, as well as past titles Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever, Jurassic World Aftermath, Shadow Point, and Angry Birds Under Pressure VR.

“We are excited to partner with IO Interactive to bring HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded to life on the Meta Quest 3,” said Bobby Thandi, Founder and CEO of XR Games. “Our teams have worked tirelessly to bring this huge AAA franchise to VR. We knew the HITMAN audience demanded the absolute best VR experience, and only the Meta Quest 3 could power such large environments, dense crowds and emergent sandbox gameplay. With dual-wielding, a stunning new art-style, new features and improvements, we believe HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded will set a new standard for bringing AAA franchises to Meta Quest.”

Whatever the case, we’re hoping it does a fair bit to fix some of the porting issues we remember from the PC VR-supported version of the game, which players have ranked ‘Mostly Negative’ on Steam.

There’s no exact launch date for Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded yet, with the studios saying it should launch sometime in Summer 2024. In the meantime, you can pre-order Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded for Quest 3 here.

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  • Yeshaya

    I'm tentatively extremely interested. A little worried bc the (graphics intensive) dense crowds is one of the best things about Hitman, would be strange walking through the Berlin mosh pit with only a few people in it. "Summer 2024" is basically now, so maybe this'll be a stunning debut of Quest 3-exclusive gaming.
    Also curious which levels it has, I think these games released as a trilogy with the content of each game available as an add on to the previous, so hoping the other levels are included here too.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Shame they don't bring these improvements to the PC too.

    • MeowMix

      different devs; probably a licensed port, rather than IOI hiring XR Games to port it to Quest

  • ApocalypseShadow

    I'm okay with them making the gameplay better over PSVR and PC. All the new information about the game seems to be potentially great. But don't BS me with nonsense PR though..

    *We knew the HITMAN audience demanded the absolute best VR experience, and only the Meta Quest 3 could power such large environments, dense crowds and emergent sandbox gameplay.*

    That's some BS right there. PC, PS4 and PS5 could do that. The main developer just didn't take the time to do that overall when it comes to the movement and gameplay. But those other systems did and could power larger environments and dense crowds over Quest 3. I'll still check it out on Quest. But you can't pull out some cell shading and tell me that above nonsense. You degraded the game to make certain things true.

    • Nick B

      Saying stuff like that is disgusting. I can only hope they meant "only the Meta Quest 3" in reference to not supporting previous Quests.

  • Why is it only Quest 3 exclusive? Why not make it for PCVR, since the whole reason why the VR mode sucks is because it was developed for a underpowered exclusive PSVR and then barely ported over to PC where the limitations were already in place.

    Develop it on the most powerful unlimiting hardware, and then scale it down for the less powerful hardware. This is exactly why VR is being held back. Focusing on exclusives on a already niche and locked system.

    (BTW I own a Quest 3 and think it's infinitly better than pretty much any other head set. My Index has collected dust since 2020 when I bought the Quest 2. But I'll always buy a game on PCVR over the stand alone headset version of every game)

    • Mateusz Jakubczyk

      Because PCVR already has this game and it won't sell there again…

      • The Rain in Spain’s Therapist

        A better version.

    • ViRGiN

      Why not make it for PCVR

      • ViRGiN

        I talk a lot of crap, of course PCVR is not dead. PCVR gives people a choice of headset and controllers, through different stores rather than buying into Meta's walled garden.

        It's just those voices in my head and being kicked in the head by a horse that keep me posting…

        • ViRGiN

          Yes mr gayben

        • Skyler

          I cannot fathom why you would reply to your own post, when nobody else has, to correct a statement rather than just… editing your post to say what you meant properly.

    • shadow9d9

      The whole reason it sucks is because pcvr users don't buy games and so less developers are interested. Quest rejuvenated everything and now devs are actually making money. Plus, wireless movement in a large room is far, far superior to pcvr.

  • polysix

    More nerfed standalone VR v-waste. meta is NOT doing this for you (the player) but for themselves.

    Stick to PCVR or PSVR2. Let META fool other people not you.

    • Peter vasseur

      they had to dumb down the game to cell
      Shaded. That’s all you need to know about quest 3 power. In the end if you want a real experience you need to run it with a computer.

      • ViRGiN

        PCVR #1 game is gorilla tag where you don't even have cell shading. And this isn't cell shading lmao.
        You all so detached, and extremely toxic. All because your PCVR is gathering dust, in never ending limbo for many many years waiting for "that" game that is obviously never coming.

        Enjoy your retro VR.
        Blade and Sorcery, Beat Saber, Hot Dogs, Pavlov, Skyrim forever!

        • Peter vasseur

          I never said I was a pcvr player. I’m just not such a fanboy that I’m blind to the things that are limiting to vr.

          I wasn’t talking about gorilla tag , the fact that that game is the most popular one speak Volumes for the types of gamers that use vr. More power to them but that not what I want.

          I don’t want dumbed down graphics aka hit man 3 cell shaded. While it may still be cool. They did that because the power is limited and even your precious q3 can’t run any real heavy hitters. Thems the facts jack, don’t get butt hurt because you can’t handle it.

          • ViRGiN

            It doesn’t matter what you want or don’t want. You’ve got no options out there.

          • Peter vasseur

            I got plenty of options, psvr2 or pcvr, most of the stuff on quest store I either own or will be able to play with pcvr now. Your precious q3 has no advantage except the lenses and wireless until you need more power for a real game and not a dumbed down mobile one.

          • shadow9d9

            And best hand tracking, upper body tracking, ringless controllers, mixed reality, a depth sensor that maps out your furniture. But the pancake lenses are insane, and being able to play wirelessly, in any room, everywhere, is fantastic.

          • Peter vasseur

            Some of that is preference like the controllers. I like psvr2 controllers better than quest. The ring is actually nice for allowing your hand to let go without the controller falling. Hand tracking and upper body tracking doesn’t matter if you can’t feel what you’re grabbing or doing social. Mixed reality is ok but I don’t play vr to play games in my house. I play vr to escape my reality. Depth sensor doesn’t matter when you’re running a treadmill and motion simulators. The pancake lenses I’m sure are nice. But I don’t have any sweet spot issues and eye tracking makes up for that which is underrated.

            At the end of the day quest needs a pc to compare to the power of psvr2 or pcvr. Without it, it’s a third offering that limited due to being an all in one. I have a q2 and a psvr1 and the psvr1 is better with the exception of the controllers over moves. Two hour batt life sucks if you’re a vr vet. Makes me think my psvr2 is probably better over all then a q3 for the same reason as last gen.

      • shadow9d9

        A real cruddy experience?

        • Peter vasseur

          I wouldn’t say that, it still can be cool and fun. Even with q3 there are trade offs as stand alone. If you hook to a comp then you’re fine.

    • Rob

      I own a quest 3 as well as pcvr but play more standalone titles mate. Works better for me. And many do the same.

    • shadow9d9

      Stick to dead systems with no games being funded? No thanks. I prefer wireless freedom of movement, plug and play, and the best tech in the business.

  • Rob

    I own the psvr1 and steamvr version already of hitman 1, 2 and 3 so I skip this one :-). Nice game with amazing VR environments to walk through. VR controls were unfortunately subpar and required practice.

    • ViRGiN

      The PCVR port basically gave you that authenthic UEVR-style experience that so many millions love.

  • STL

    The trailer looks great til the last second when they show the poor graphics of the real gameplay. I almost choked.

  • Bartholomew

    Yeah, only FlopStation VR2 can have eaclusive games like the VR versions of Resident Evil Village e Resident Evil 4 Remake…

  • Bartholomew
  • vancleefmustache

    Yeah, this definitely will not look like the PC or console version. LOL!

  • I kept reading "Hitmotion Reloaded" lol, I thought you were talking about my game

  • Kevin Gaspar

    A VR solution was added for Hitman 3 on PC, which, while not perfect, still offered an exciting new way to experience the game. However, there are a few areas where improvements would be desirable to make the VR experience even more impressive.

    The graphics quality could be improved to a high-resolution 4K display to enhance immersion. Adding room scaling would also be a significant advancement, allowing players to move freely within the space. Another important detail is improving interactions so that VR hands no longer glitch through objects and walls, and allowing ordinary items like glasses or books to be picked up.

    There are many great VR games to learn from, such as Half-Life: Alyx, which excels at maximizing immersion and making both hands usable in the game.

    I am optimistic that the developers will take this feedback into account and further improve the VR experience of Hitman 3. This would not only strengthen the VR community but also boost the game's sales.