HTC today announced a new edition of the Vive headset targeted specifically at businesses looking to get into room-scale experiences. Called simply ‘Vive Business Edition’ (Vive BE), HTC says that the new enterprise-focused presentation of the headset will include “additional services adapted for business and commercial environments.”

Vive BE isn’t a new physical styling of the headset, but rather an additional service delivered alongside the original SteamVR powered Vive system, which will include commercial licensing, 12-month limited warranty, and a dedicated Vive BE customer support line.

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Unlike the consumer edition of the Vive, which is sold on a one-per-customer basis currently, HTC is guaranteeing multiple Vive systems so that businesses can outfit an entire company with the room-scale VR system. This comes hot on the heels of HTC’s latest news of the Vive coming to 100 retail locations throughout North America, and a complete catch-up of global online orders, now promised to arrive anywhere in the world within 72 hours of purchase.

New orders of the Oculus Rift are still backed up to an estimated shipping date of August.

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Selling at $1,200 USD, $400 more than the consumer edition, Vive BE is launching in the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, and France this month, and is slated to arrive globally in the coming weeks.

Although we haven’t yet caught a glimpse of a Vive BE, the only apparent substantial physical difference we’ve been able to ascertain between the consumer and business edition is the addition of two extra face cushions. No mention was made if Vive BE will also include the same launch content bundle—Job Simulator, Fantastic Contraption and Tilt Brush—as per the consumer version.

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The Vive BE System includes:

  • Vive BE Headset
  • Vive BE Controllers x2
  • Vive BE Base Stations x2
  • Vive BE 3-in- 1 Cable
  • Vive BE Face Cushions x4
  • Dedicated Vive Business Edition customer support line
  • 12-month limited warranty (certain exclusions and limitations apply)
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  • Bob George

    I’m confused. Why would you need a commercial license to use the Vive for business applications? It’s like saying you need a commercial license to buy TVs for your business. The software is an entirely different matter, but the physical system shouldn’t have legal restrictions.

    • Bryan Ischo

      You don’t need a license. This version just comes with extra support and the ability to order more than one at a time.

    • Matt R

      The support is the important part for businesses. I have worked in IT for 20 years and paying for business support is standard, essential for business continuity and usually extremely good. This is a smart move from HTC.

      • Michael Davidson

        I second your statement; support is paramount for Enterprises.

      • Bob George

        That makes sense. Thanks for your reply.

    • dogtato

      In addition to what others have said, I’m pretty sure the consumer warranty doesn’t cover commercial use. I’ve heard it barely covers home use, in that HTC support is awful.

  • Zerofool

    “anywhere in the world” – this again? It’s not worldwide yet, only the initial 24 countries are supported. Hopefully this will change soon.

  • Jim Cherry

    1200 usd and only a 1 year warranty :{ guess i was expecting to much from a smart phone company.

    • Renato Wisocki Jr

      it really should have been at least 3 years warranty

  • David Witters

    The real value here is for “Arcade” type businesses.

  • ReddChief78

    Lol they got suckers to buy this overpriced VR headset for $800 (which is not many) heck why not $1200.

  • Rawdilz

    How do we get that head strap?