The HTC Vive has recently become listed as “out of stock” for U.S. orders. The company says it’s no longer taking orders for the headset in the region “due to extraordinary demand.”

Update (5/14/16, 7:59 PM): HTC has confirmed via Twitter that U.S. Vive orders have resumed. No further explanation was offered as to why the unit was showing as out of stock, though it may have been triggered unintentionally. Original article continues below.

In a curious move, HTC has halted Vive orders to the U.S., citing high demand as the culprit. Attempting to order the headset from the company’s site today reveals an out of stock message and a pop-up which allows customers to opt-in to be notified when shipments resume.

“Due to extraordinary demand, we are currently not accepting additional Vive orders. Sign up below to be alerted when orders resume,” the pop-up reads.

So far only the U.S. order page is showing the Vive as out of stock. It isn’t clear if other regions will be impacted.

It could be reasoned that HTC opted to put a hold on new orders in the U.S. to prevent the Vive backorder list from growing too long, an issue which Oculus has struggled with since launch (not helped by a component shortage which caused additional delay).

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Oddly though, while HTC had some bumpiness with shipments early during the Vive’s launch, anecdotal evidence suggests that new orders of the Vive in the U.S. had been shipping out within a week of the order, much earlier than the estimated June shipment date.

It’s quite possible that “extraordinary demand” isn’t the only reason HTC has halted pre-orders, but it’s all we have to go on for now. We’ve reached out to the company for comment.

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  • wheeler

    Better than making promises they can’t fulfill. Really happy to see all of this love for the Vive though.

  • Rogue_Transfer

    And it’s now back in-stock and orders have resumed…

    • benz145

      Thanks, article has been updated.

  • Matt R

    “It’s quite possible that “extraordinary demand” isn’t the only reason HTC has halted pre-orders” What possible motivation or evidence do you have for making this comment?

    • RationalThought

      “anecdotal evidence suggests that new orders of the Vive in the U.S. had been shipping out within a week of the order, much earlier than the estimated June shipment date.” Since orders were shipping earlier than expected….it’s reasonable to suspect lack of supply isn’t the only reason or some new issue has affected supplies.

      • The quick shipping could mean orders are scarce, hmmm, I really hope they’re selling the 10 and Vive like hotcakes. HTC needs to MAKE IT! we can’t have smartphone market without the original company that started it all!

    • John

      Because companies lie, or at least benefit from their own incompetence, that’s why they never tell you how many they have made nor sold!

      • yag

        Valve can’t lie, only Oculus do…

  • Still Whatever

    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story huh guys

    • Jad

      Never let reading and understanding an article get in the way of posting a bullshit comment, huh “Still Wahtever”?

    • Lmao! D

    • Smanny

      Recently Royals Royce was out of stock as well and halted the sale of their cars. But magically the sale of their cars was on again. Isn’t that amazing. It’s like magic where HTC can then continue to sell their stuff again. The things that can happen in the 2100 century can really blow our minds.

  • They might have burned through shippable stock for the next 3 months. I had to wait 2 months for my VIVE to finally ship, I’m not too sure how long the new guys orders will take, but it can’t be any better.

    • Greg Dietz

      Their pre order web site says it’s in stock again. So didn’t last long.

  • Aaron

    Ordered mine on friday 13th and its gonna be here monday 17th according to the fedex tracking, are they f*****g with me?? it said june on receipt. I dont even have a video card yet cos i been waiting to upgrade my 570 to 1070.

  • trajan2448

    I tried Occulus. My impression of the VR headset is that it’s like wearing a pair of glasses where the prescription isn’t exactly right. I could feel it forcing my eyes to focus unnaturally. The result was I had some nausea and a headache that lasted for quite a few hours after only 30 minutes. This is a major hurdle.

    • Knut Sindremedisin Åbjørsbråte

      I’m on a Vive, but I think it applies to the Rift as well: did you adjust the IPD and the lense distance?

      My girlfriend could not use the DK2 at all (really, she got sick in less than a minute of low motion activity), but she handles the Vive really well. I’ve also used it for *hours* at a time w/o discomfort (other than getting physically tired).

  • Badelhas

    Does anyone knows when it will be available in other countries, like Portugal?


    Hmmm I just purchased mine in the morning…said would ship in june.

    • JCat_NY

      That means you’ll get it this week. If you ordered any time earlier it would mean you’d get it much later.

  • DiGiCT Ltd

    I received my vive already several weeks ago, all went just fine as mentioned deliver May, exactly the 1st of May got the payment mail, 3 days later by surprise the box arrived.
    No complains, all works as expected

    Easy to setup and good starting content for free included, use a gtx 970 4gb and runs fine. The real high end grafics will be for just a few titles, as it needs also high end art for it.
    Most games are not that high detailed or they use prerendered 360 texture backgrounds in combination with 3d meshes.
    If you have a 970 gtx most stuff works fine, i did not find yet a game that did not run, although in current game we are making tuning to VR is the key to be able to run it smooth.

  • Johnny Dwyer

    To all the idiots leaving comments! There IS a high demand on this unit. People act is if the price is to high, maybe for some but not all of us. Millions and millions pay the same price for a crappy iphone, so I don’t see the problem here. I already have the Samsung gear VR and the Vive is supposed to be 100 times better. Samsung fanboy’s are always leaving b!tch hate comments on anything that don’t involve there God

    • yag

      We got the Valve fanboy of the month here.

      • bschuler

        Actually Valve Fanboy of the Month hasn’t yet been decided for May. They have narrowed it down to the last 10 million and I’m still in! This time, it’s going to finally be me.

  • Shawn Middaugh

    I just started a Virtual 360 Channel on Youtube called “Reality Drives”. I want to give users the ability to be as up close and personal with their dream toys as humanly possible. To be able to sit behind the wheel and get a sense of belonging. How can I make it better? What automobile would you like to sit behind the wheel of? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

  • ButtHurtBob

    Hmm. Ordered mine April 12th and it said they would be shipping in
    June. So no 1 week wait for me. That’s OK since I wasn’t expecting it
    until June. BUT, if everyone else is getting there’s in a week, then I

    • DjNorad

      i had 6 weeks from order to delivery …. 31st march to 10th may….

      • ButtHurtBob

        OK, that makes me feel better about mine. LOL, How are you liking it so far?

        • DjNorad

          Well. technically Great, but still missing some content which fits me :) Most content are still Mini-Games or Demos yet.

          For Example: I’m keen on playing EVE:Valkyrie, but still have to wait for Vive compatibility.

          And also i’m still on my R9 280X GPU which leads to Low FPS in VR in many Games and Demos. Here i’m waiting for “VEGA” GPU in October and hope it will be great….

          I dont like Nvidia any more….

          “Apollo 11 VR” was great experience

          • ButtHurtBob

            “Most content are still Mini-Games or Demos yet.”

            That stinks. Guess it takes a long time to produce a full game. Have you looked at Vanishing Realms or Call of the Starseed? They look pretty cool and I was hoping they were full games.

          • DjNorad

            Vanishing Realms:
            Needs room-scale “at least 2m × 2m”, which i don’t have currently. Therefor i have to stick to “seated” experiences for now.

            Thats why i didn’t buy Vanishing Realms yet.

            Call of the Starseed:
            –> 28 EUR for clearly less than 2 hours content for this Epsiode is far too expensive in my opinion..

            Even the 15 EUR for “Apollo 11 VR” was marginal.
            BUT i was too curious for that one…

          • ButtHurtBob

            Hmm, that’s disappointing about Call of the Starseed. Still holding out hope for Vanishing Realms. From what I understand, One guy created that game in 8 months, which is pretty impressive from what I’ve seen of the game. Hopefully there are several hours of game play there. If so, that one guy may have the best game for Vive all to himself.

  • Jona Adams

    Well I ordered mine on the 13th and they have completely ceased all communication with me. I’m not even able to view my order on their website.

    Their customer service department has ignored me and they have my $830.

    I’m hoping to hear from them soon after a 2nd attempt at an email.

    • ButtHurtBob

      Sent them an email and didn’t get a response, but used their chat and was able to communicate with them that way. I told them that I saw where others were getting theirs shipped in a week and he said they did have a problem where they accidentally did that in early April. I told him it was happening just last week and he said I just need to be patient. LOL I got an email yesterday titled “Your Vive PreOrder Bundle Code” with a code to go ahead and download the 3 free programs on Steam. I hope that means I’ll get a shipping notice soon! Good luck Jona.

      • Jona Adams

        Yeah it turned out they are shipping mine too. It’s confusing because from the get go they said June. I understand the premise of under promising to over deliver but dang. It just made me confused.

    • Jack Liddon

      I had no info from them after pre-ordering except “congrats, your order is processing.” Then a month later it was “your Vive has shipped!” No updates or anything. They said they’d deliver in April and they did. Was nerve racking, though.

  • ButtHurtBob

    Never got a shipping notice, but GOT MY VIVE TODAY!!!!! To bad I’m tied up until 9:00 tonight. Gonna be a late night. LOL