VR/AR expert Antony Vitillo (aka ‘Skarred Ghost‘) got an opportunity to speak with HTC Vive China President Alvin Wang Graylin recently, and while Graylin predictably couldn’t answer the question on everyone’s mind—”how much is Vive Pro going to cost?”—we learned the headset is definitely targeting a prosumer price range that makes it “more expensive than the existing consumer product.”

Vitillo got a chance to speak with Graylin for about an hour earlier this week, touching on everything from the Chinese VR market to the possibility of Vive Focus coming westward (only if it does ‘well enough’ in China). While there wasn’t any Earth-shattering news to come from the talk, Graylin did leave Vitillo with this when asked about the ballpark price of Vive Pro:

“I can’t give you any specifics, but I will say that in the very near future pricing information will be released,” said Graylin. “I think at that point you’ll have all your questions answered. Of course, as you said [earlier], it is a product targeted at the prosumer, or the professional user. As with any product targeted towards a professional user, it will be more expensive than the existing consumer product.”

Photo by Road to VR

While none of this comes as any surprise, as the Vive Pro features a higher-spec AMOLED display at 2880 × 1600 (1440 × 1600 pixels per eye) – the same seen in the Samsung HMD Odyssey – integrated audio, an ergonomic headstrap similar to the deluxe audio strap for the consumer Vive, and dual front-facing cameras—HTC has already set some precedents on what it considers to be pricing intended for consumers, and pricing for enterprise users.

The consumer Vive can currently be purchased for as low as $600, a full $200 less than when it launched back in April 2016. It was only back in August 2017 that the consumer Vive dipped down to $600 to remain competitive in the face of Oculus’ $400 Rift + Touch bundle. While this may be grasping at straws somewhat – the Vive was priced to appeal to consumers at launch when it carried an $800 price tag, and not professional users, meaning HTC could possible put Vive Pro in even a higher price class than what was seen back in April 2016.

A Glimpse of the New Vive Pro Controllers & SteamVR Tracking 2.0 Base Stations

Healthy speculation notwithstanding, Vive for Business, the company’s enterprise-focused Vive, is priced for professional user at $1200. This admittedly includes a lot of extras intended for out-of-home usage including a professional user license, a commercial warranty, deluxe audio strap, extension cable, and the guarantee of phone support. On the other hand, it remains to be seen to what extent the Vive Pro will offer these premiums like licensing/warranty options.

So while there’s still no exact idea how much you’ll have to shell out for a Vive Pro when it launches, you should probably consider yourself a prosumer when HTC finally announces pricing information in “the very near future.”

You can check out Vitillo’s full article here, replete with time stamps for each of his questions.

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Well before the first modern XR products hit the market, Scott recognized the potential of the technology and set out to understand and document its growth. He has been professionally reporting on the space for nearly a decade as Editor at Road to VR, authoring more than 3,500 articles on the topic. Scott brings that seasoned insight to his reporting from major industry events across the globe.
  • NooYawker

    Is that a new marketing phrase “Prosumer” ?

    • Jistuce

      Nope. Been around for a while as the “cool” way to say “well-heeled enthusiast”. Doesn’t make it any dumber, though.

      • cirby

        It’s actually supposed to mean “professional-quality product that’s still affordable by some consumers.”

  • nipple_pinchy

    I’m more of a contressional.

    • damonlazer

      Wouldn’t that be confessional?

      • Mike

        Haha, nice, never thought of that. That’s what it would be if you took the opposite parts that “prosumer” took.

      • kool


  • Mindweaver

    I’m glad it’s going to cost more.. I’ll just wait for the next Consumer version or wait for the price to drop; But really the current Vive is over priced IMO.

  • Luke


  • Lucidfeuer

    Their strategy makes less and less sense, at this point this is borderless self-sabotage. I’ll be able to test one soon, but given the mediocre ergonomic/design, static specs and not one novelty, it’ll take the dust soon or just be just another internal headset that we certainly won’t show to client/public.

  • impurekind

    It’s basically going to a pretty much a meaningless product to anyone but those rich pro consumers then.

  • daveinpublic

    It could still cost as much as the original Vive. The original was targeting consumers, but since prices have come down, a pro level product could also be lower.

  • MW

    Is VR dead? Is this development? Is this really the time for limited pro version of first poor HMD? It doesn’t look good. Now should be the time for innovation, new ideas, prototypes, not for making money on 2 year’s old tech…

  • M Rob

    If they are smart they will drop the price of the consumer (old vive) to the same price as the Rift and then price the Vive pro at around $600.

    • Any more than £600 for just the headset then I probably won’t bother with it myself.

      • ymo1965

        We need more real competition. The Samsung Odyssey is a good start. More of that and it forces prices down. As much as I love the tracking system of the vive, the overal price of this standalone headset will decide where I go from here. Wish they would just get on with it and announce the price already then I can decide what to do next. Sick of reading about this Pro. Have read nearly all the articles :/

        • Matthew

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    • Walextheone

      Maby it’s not smart if they sell to a cost.
      HTC need to make money on the hardware

    • M Dumbo

      More like if they are dumb. How on earth would HTC compete with facebook in a race to the bottom? Facebook can give Rift out for free and it won’t put a dent in their pocket.

      • cstrife999

        Considering the fact FB is already bleeding money that is in no way true.

    • They won’t, which means its time to drop interest in this anticonsumer product.

  • MosBen

    It was pretty clear from the jump that this wasn’t a product that was intended to move a lot of units. HTC/Valve seems to be taking a much more evolutionary process in their hardware than Oculus. First, they update the strap, then the sensors, then the sensors again, then the new controllers, then the updated HMD. My guess is that this is all stuff that will be incorporated into the Vive 2, but rather than holding it back they’re using their existing production lines to incorporate these pieces early. Meanwhile, Oculus will have the Rift, and then the Rift 2 with a bunch of updates.

    I wouldn’t recommend that anyone other than someone with lots of money, no current VR setup, and a desperate need to get a VR setup, buy one of these. But when all of these small advances are incorporated into the actual second generation HMD it will be nice.

  • Fanatoli Guyoff

    Lame. Guess I wont be buying one to replace my oldvive then.

    • NooYawker

      Very few people will buy this to replace their existing Vive. I know I won’t, it’s not worth it. I’m waiting for gen 2.

      • Fanatoli Guyoff

        i would. I have a launch vive and already my friends newer vive from last is noticeably more comfortable. Rumor mill is this one is more comfortable than current vives. I mean it may end up being a significant difference for people who have the very first model. Let alone whatever other upgrades it ends up with

    • Scottie

      What a fizzer right? Just a cheap money grab by these loosers. HTC never designed any of this stuff anyway. Cant wait to see them get crushed by the oppisition

  • Konchu

    I would love to see the LG headset cost and other Steam VR products to see how cheap the hardware is/isnt. But to me HTC and Vive is a little worrying cost wise at least from the standpoint of sustainability. If other companies can make similar experiences for much less HTC will fail with only a high end market. Lighthouse may be the best tracking but since when has the best been the definitive benchmark for success. I have wasted tons of money on VR and I have a 1080 video card not a TI not a Titan and many people are in the 1060 and 1070 camps I just have not been able to justify the cost of an upgrade. I think we can all agree the highest price Video cards are better but cost matters value per dollar and being able to afford matters.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Well, we haven’t heard anything anymore about the LG headset. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just ditched the development of the headset.

  • chaos_in_ashland

    If they really want to make a statement and control the VR game, then it needs to be available as a standalone unit, without base stations or wands, for around 500$. This will direct most potential customers away from the Rift, Gear, and PSVR.

    • SandmaN

      It *will* be available as a standalone and will most likely be much less that $500 for just the headset, probably between $349 and $399.

      • Evgeni Zharsky

        If you say so

        • SandmaN

          Lol, ok. Do your research.

      • JMB

        $649 without taxes in the US, €/GBP 799 including VAT for those across the pond. Aussies will probably get fucked as always. Mark my words.

        • SandmaN

          You think it’s going to be $649 for the standalone headset? You’re way off.

          • JMB

            Turns out I wasn’t really, was I? ;)

          • You have earned a minute of smugness :D After that we can curse the sky at HTC greed,

      • Jason Andersen

        It will not be priced less than $500 for the standalone HMD. It is much more likely that it will be ~$600 for the HMD and ~$800 for the full package closer to the end of the year.

        • SandmaN

          New info? Do share!

      • Evgeni Zharsky

        Hey are you pre-ordering your “much less than $500” Vive standalone? lmao. Sounds like you didn’t do your research.

  • theonlyrealconan

    Lol. It is not on a different level then the Odyssey or Pimax 8k. I wish them all the luck trying to pretend it is. :)

  • JesperL

    It is what it is – new product to milk the first movers for as long as possible.
    Just too bad, that It kind of hurt the general goal for VR overall, to spread and make VR more mainstream. I wonder if they cut prices to cost+10%, what would it be? 150$?
    Lets say they could actually sell the old Vive for 200$ and stil have a small profit on it – Cutting the price to 1/3 would probably boost the amounts sold by 5X+. Which would start a positive spiral, with more content produced, and that would again sell more HMD’s..

    • brubble

      JesperL you need to go knock on their door and educate.

  • Basti
  • Filmgeek47

    Yeah… I think HTC needs to look at the Samsung Odyssey and give themselves a reality check. They could get away with charging $500 for the standalone headset, and 7-$800 for the full package, but they’re not really THAT far ahead of the market technologically speaking. Rift tracking is “good enough” and Samsung’s already using their new display in a headset that’s cheaper than the current low-res vive, so if they jump the $500 barrier for the standalone upgrade, they’re gonna have a tough time selling these to anyone other than a handful of early adopters and developers.

    I’ve been an HTC fan from the start, but I also love the rift, and if they price themselves out of the market I’ll happy look elsewhere in the future.

    • RagnarLothbrok

      I agree. The problem I see though is that it’s gonna be the only one out there with better specs, premium tracking system and content. If Pimax manage to fix most of their current issues (which I personaly don’t belive they will) and Oculus or LG or anyone else does not announce something … there wont be a lot for the high level enthusiasts to hold on to and wait on. I just hope HTC aren’t going to take advantage of it and skyrocketing the price. Even the money factor is not a problem for me, I’m not gonna pay some crazy price. Even 500$ just for a standalone headset sound a lot to me …. If it were for a finished 8k product like Pimax, without any flaws well… that’s a whole another story.

      • Get Schwifty!

        I find this fascinating… in effect, you are buying what amounts to low level pro-sumer monitor. $500 is quite realistic, why does every one think this kind specialized gear should be cheap? I’m thinking the mobile crap has set the bar so low people aren’t thinking this through.

        • RagnarLothbrok

          Well … if you think about it, there is competition so you could pretty much compare this stuff a bit more or less. And it don’t matter that we both have no idea how much the costs for producing one. You can easily compare with Oculus. Now I’m sorry man but If want a replacement for my vive wand it’s around 149 Euro just for one , where Oculus touch you get bundle for 119 Euro. Yes I know they are not the same at all, but… you get the idea… And the worse part is that a lot of people have issues with their wands, some after few hundreds hours, some earlier. And I’m not talking about cases where they smashed the controllers against solid wall or something. I’m talkin about buttons not clicking, trackpad not working …. and so on. I have never complained about the design and wining around that is not fair because Oculus touch is way better (like a lot of the vive owners). I’m used to the wands no problem there, but hey … paying premium price for something that obviously is not as strong as it should be … I don’t like that. I have enough money and that’s not the point… the point is when I spend good money I expect good quality and good customer service. That being said …. I just think that HTC just want us to pay for their mobile headsets failed business. :)))) At least they should have include some mid-range mobile in the Vive bundle. That would definitely should make a lot of vive owners to feel not so milked :D

        • RagnarLothbrok

          So Vive wands replacement for 149 Euro per controller is quite realistic as well ? Where Oculus touch BUNDLE is 119 Euro ? Yeah I know they are different but cmon ? It’s not the price that it bugs me, money is not an issue to me. But seeing a lot of vive owners complain that their wands have broken after 2-6 months … and I’m not talking about cases where the controllers were smashed against solid wall or something … I’m talking about buttons won’t click, trackpad not working, tracking loss. When I pay premium price I expect premium quality and premium customer service. I guess HTC are trying to make us pay for their mobile handy’s failed business. At least they could have include some of their mid range handy’s in the Vive bundle :))))) Joke aside man… If you follow my logic you’ll see why I think that HTC is just overpricing their VR products a bit too much

        • Master E

          That was one of my realizations when I bought PSVR. I got flack for paying what I did for it, but when I realized I could use it interdependent of my TV and the wifey could still watch netflix or whatever it blew my mind. It’s like paying $400-500 for a specialized display which really isn’t bad.

  • Ellie 187

    Ok they are totally going to bomb in sales … smarter to reposition the current consumer vive in the $400 area with the rift/touch …. move the vive pro to the current $600 area. People aren’t dumb. They know manufacturing costs come down over time.

    • Get Schwifty!

      I cannot imagine they won’t do this… this has to be part of the plan.

  • Lucio Lima

    I do not think it still pays off.
    I need more FOVE!

  • bushmaster2000

    At one point they were talking about a vive to vive pro upgrade kit which was just a new HMD and you use your existing wands and sensors. so if your’e a vive owner now and don’t want the entire new kit, it’ll be more affordable.

  • Kahless01

    Priced for prosumers my ass. you can get a samsung with the same screens for 500 and the rest of the windows hmds with just slightly less resolution for 200-450. if this is more than the 800$ they used to charge for the original they can forget it. ill just get the acer thats 1440x1440per eye and 200$ and be happy.

  • brubble

    Meh, still not a large enough list of improvements to warrant the price tag. Next!

  • Wow, it’s fantastic seeing my name on Road To VR… I’m so excited! Thanks Scott for the mention and for the awesome article you’ve written!

    If I had to bet a price after the comments of Mr. Graylin, I think they’ll go for a $800-$1000 price tag. Or they could also make a double licensing… $800 for the Pro for developers and $1400 for the Pro business (with additional warranty, business licensing, etc…)

  • Miganarchine Migandi

    Having a Vive at launch I was impressed but now I would need to try before buy and that aint gonna happen in UK, Is the screen door gone? and no bigger field of view are all downers, 300 for the just the face mask would scratch an itch, There are no big games coming out any time soon so I will give it a miss.

  • gothicvillas

    More expensive than Vive on launch.. wow. They are dreaming if they think this has any chance to succeed .

    • kuhpunkt

      Where did you get that? It says: “As with any product targeted towards a professional user, it will be more expensive than the existing consumer product.”

      The existing consumer product is the Vive for $600. It will be more than that.

  • Aeroflux

    I thought Valve stated they would license the tech to multiple companies. Whatever happened to that?

    • Jistuce

      Pimax ran into trouble and Microsoft hooked everyone else, that’s what happened.

  • Juan Ritz

    There sure are a lot of negative comments here. This move makes a lot of sense to me personally, as I likely fall somewhere near the center of the “prosumer” spectrum. I’m currently working with a few museums, and this will be the perfect upgrade for most of my clients. I don’t suspect that HTC is banking on this being an enormous seller in the general consumer space, as they’ve rather loudly alluded to by branding it Pro. If it’s not worth it to you to upgrade, then you’re likely not the target demographic, and that’s ok. This target demographic is sure to be relatively small, but I’m happy with any advancements, regardless of how small, or seemingly to some, insignificant.

    • daveinpublic

      Even for the pro end, it has an odd aesthetic. Hard to see the bulky, metallic blue purple plastic in a museum.

      • Potato Sorcerer

        I prefer white or black. The blue makes it look like a toy or a cheaper variant instead of a more expensive one.

      • Juan Ritz

        I do find the coloring scheme curious. While it is a bit of a disappointment, the positives still certainly outweigh this negative for me.

  • theonlyrealconan

    No lense improvement, no increase in fov, no controller upgrade, same res as Odessey. How is this prosumer?

    • Runar Botnen Totland

      Best on the market?

    • brandon9271

      If they don’t upgrade the lenses then you can forget it. I bought the Odyssey and I’m about to sell it. The sweet spot is VERY small and if you look left or right it’s a blurry mess. The Rift is much better in that regard but is a smudgy, god ray mess otherwise. Speaking of god rays they’re pretty bad in the Odyssey as well. What’s the point of increasingly higher res screens if the lenses are shit?

  • oompah

    wa wa wa
    No hope
    will stick to my cheap android phone based VR

  • brubble

    Based solely on the comments here, looks like HTC has a sure-fire hit on their hands.

    • ZenInsight


  • Bradum

    “The new higher end Vive will be priced higher than the old lower end Vive”
    Why even write this article?

  • Mateusz Pawluczuk

    With Windows MR for as low as 200$ and Rift 400$ this indeed might end up being a “prosumer”product only.. :/

  • Get Schwifty!

    I’m not saying this to be anti-Vive, but this is long what I have predicted – HTC is a company that makes its money by incremental hardware features sold at a premium. You can expect that there won’t be many upgrade deals, etc. for existing Vive customers. Not saying Oculus will either, but expecting it from the company known for phones… you would be foolish to believe otherwise.

  • Tim Suetens

    VR ‘prosumers’, even more elitist than the ‘PC master race’? The elite of the elite! All it proves is they have more money than sense.

  • dartquencher

    HTC is money hungry! Why are they afraid to sale their stand-alone HMD here in the states? Because the cost is ridiculous compared to other stand-alones like the Oculus Go and Lenovo Solo.

  • Andres Velasco

    HTC is banking with the perception of a premium product. Maybe they have not learned the lesson of consoles wars and pricing. I guess they will learn the hard way. I will just watch the train wreck, then when they are forced to lower their prices i will get one. I have the Oddysey so not likley to see any improvement resoltution wise.

  • So basically there is nothing to look forward to from HTC this year.

    The people’s interest must have hit rock bottom bottom now or vaporized.

    Ah well.

    So much for a xone S like upgrade


    Wow what BS. Saying something is for pro user just so you can charge more for updated model unit. Not just “Pro” (whatever that is) Vr players want new features. It shouldn’t cost more than the original costed new. Thats why the old one went down in price. But now that Oculus Rift with extra sensor is less than 500$, im really surprised they would go back to their original high price. Is slightly updated resolution really worth hundreds more? Not to me.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Well, I hope they’ll update the original vive with the new 2.0 trackers than, as it would make the consumer set even cheaper to produce (it’s just a case of swapping out the old sensorschips with the new and using the new lighthouses). Now it’s very annoying to buy a new vive because you’ll know it won’t be compatible with the newer lighthouses.

  • Icebeat

    As a former used of the Vive and current used of the Odyssey, I was interested on the Pro (at ~350$) as the perfect mix but given the new information ($$$ price), I will prefer start talking about Aliens, parallel dimensions and time traveling theory.

  • This is the well known path any product in consumer boom follows.
    The companies try to keep prices up for as long as possible, while they have to give better specs in <1 year cycles, because there is competition.
    Been there, suffered that, many times before.
    In the end, whoever can wait wins, but without those that cannot wait (and eventually push the market) nobody wins. But those are plenty, even with the planet in crisis.
    I say they will try something close but under 1k then quickly (3-6m) take it down to sub 800, because more similar products (making less market noise) will come out. Odyssey already does most, more than ok.
    The prices of gfx cards going up, doesn't help, but the next explosion in VR (maybe in 2 years) is gonna be own-gfx headsets. I am not talking about pure stand-alone headsets (like mobile phone VR). I am talking about headsets that need a PC for feeding the data, but handle gfx on their own. Very fast wired and wireless buses can allow for that already. So a good gaming PC if it's for VR only, can have a cheapo "monitor display" gfx (even on-board chipset), but a strong VR headset.
    This is the inevitable next step.

  • Raphael

    Predictable. They will alienate many current vive owners who want to upgrade but can’t afford an insane 1200. At least it will give OctopusVR new business. I certainly won’t be paying even 800 for a “pro” vive. I’d stick with amateur muppet vive until an affordable high res HMD emerges then ditch HTC.

  • hopefully it won’t be more than 800 dollars

  • Daemon Hunt

    Let’s be honest. We all knew this was gonna happen.

  • Master E

    Glad to see the tech making strides forward, but… I think this might appeal only to a small fraction of consumers for the next few years until we see another price drop. Totally get the “Prosumer” standpoint and perhaps it is an incremental improvement that will line up for use by Microsoft with PC’s and the Xbox (Recent rumor pointing to MS wanting to buy Steam, Valve, and or PubG)

    I think most people that are interested in VR have VR already in some form. I thought the Vive was great, but opted for PSVR and the Oculus.

    Itching for that true next gen with some better res, less sde, 160 + FoV and some choice rendering techniques. Plus I think though VR is totally playable this gen, to really make that next jump it’s going to need some smaller and crisper hardware which I personally don’t mind waiting for.

    • If Microsoft bought Steam and all the IP that goes with it then that would give them the mother of all App Stores. But I assume that would cost 10’s or 100’s? of billions to make that deal. They also have a bad track record when it comes to app stores, I never use their own version as I find it unsightly and awkward to use.

  • ZenInsight

    I would bite if this came with wireless, knuckles controllers, and foveated eye tracked rendering. Possibly even for over 800… but under 1k.

    But this doesn’t even get me those awesome controllers…ANDDDD…I saw multiple reviews saying the wireless destroys the higher quality image. I will wait.

  • jarjarplinks

    I’m a day one Vive owner and I’m still very happy with it. I was initially interested in the Pro but I’m going off the boil as upgrading to this HMD. It’s still going to be a premium cost just for the HMD for a modest increase in resolution. Updated strap aside which is hardly an incredible innovation, it’s left with a less than ground breaking bump in resolution and just nicked the same screens from the Odyssey. Really there’s nothing hugely exciting here.

    Mixed Reality headsets have got the right idea, though not perfected. Inside out tracking works and keeps the overall price lower. Another step up in that tech will nail it and the advantages of the lighthouses will be mute. Oculus clearly have the same idea which they’re working into there Santa Cruz headsets. I’m pretty certain inside out tracking will also appear in Rift 2.0.

    • If you were hoping for some innovative jump forwards from HTC then we have others who have the cash to risk it. Pimax and their 5/8K headsets. Magic Leap and their secretive device along with other R&D to make things like foveated rendering accessible which NVidia is working hard at. Also we have new concepts in light field rendering and great progress on real-time path tracing from OTOY. Plenty to be excited about coming in the next few years.

      As to the Vive Pro, I feel a little more optimistic towards it than you :)

      WMR Inside-out tracking is subpar compared to outside-in and always will be until they solve out-of-view tracking, and it is still tethered. Of course users that want portability/laptop use and have less of a budget will be happy though so it still has an important market, one we need for VR adoption.


      The Vive Pro has more than just resolution and a head strap over its predecessor. Let us not forget it has new headphones, new dual mics, new dual cameras, new official wireless module (this is my main reason to want it) and support for Valve’s Lighthouse v2 tech for awkward room layouts or large spaces for business use.

      So basically everything on it has been upgraded, even the paint job and users know they will be able to run all their existing software on day one.

      • jarjarplinks

        The regular Vive is now over 2 years old. In that time, I would have expected the bump in resolution wouldn’t need to be packaged into a Pro (more expensive) device and should be a generational evolution of the tech, along with all the other minor feature upgrades you stated. This should be the replacement for the old Vive aimed at the same price point and market, not branching off into alternative product.

        • I actually agree with you on that. Making the next iteration should be just that. Monitors do the same, so do TV’s so why HTC thought businesses or “Prosumers” wanted a special headset to themselves that consumers have been anticipating for a while now is a bit of a money grab, probably due to their financial woes. I have gone off HTC slightly for this move as choices are limited and they know that.

          • jarjarplinks

            For sure no different from Nvidia or Intel who blatantly take advantage of their dominate status. For HTC it could well be a small window of opportunity in 2018 to exploit the situation with the overpriced product.

            Oculus are surely working in the shadows with their own plans for Rift 2.0, and it’s hard not to speculate something in the 4th quarter from them even if it merely details of the Rift 2.0 for 2019.

          • Yeah. With NVidia you have their pro range which is all about support (Quadro etc) and the drivers are tailored for pro software like CAD and CAM. With Intel they have the Xeon range with support for ECC ram.

            If we look at display manufacturers like high end Dell displays (which I own and are brilliant) then the difference comes in the quality of the panel, the colour accuracy, brightness and calibration features.

            Unless HTC Vive Pro has superior panels or new highly accurate lenses (human QA) to set it apart from others then I do not know how they will target prosumers yet. We will have to wait and see.

            Oculus filed a patent for a curved micro display recently and from what I could gather this aims to create a larger FOV. I also assume a brighter image as the light path will be focused towards the eyeball and this may allow them to use less fresnel ridges in the optics which equates to less artifacts. Sounds innovating. Fingers crossed.

  • VIve Pro is only worth buying for the wireless feature otherwise not much to see, i wanna buy the vive pro but price isnt announced correctly.

  • Jerald Doerr

    What really worries me is the lack of listing a price so I’m guessing its going to be HIGH!!!

    Already owning a Vive so my pricing is HMD only.
    $399- Will get it if Pimax takes to long or sux.
    $499-Not worth the upgrade at this time for me..
    $599-Good luck you must be rich a developer or just hardcore.
    $699 <—- I don't think this even needs to be here but the VR gods will be rolling over in their graves!

    How about you all??

  • Sandy Wich

    All things considered if it’s wireless transmitter supports comfortable and HIGH QUALITY wireless VR, it will be an instant buy for me. “Primax “”8k”””, mentioned wireless, but it’s not happening. Not at that resolution. At least not for years to come.