See Also: HTC Vive VR Headset Gets New Branding as Tour Visits Taiwan

This week, the HTC Vive tour, bringing the SteamVR based VR headset to people around the world, makes a stop in Taipei, Taiwan with the expected suite of VR experiences in tow. Just one thing was different, seems the Vive picked up some new branding.

The original HTC Vive branding
The original HTC Vive branding

Whilst we (and many others judging by your comments) were disappointed to learn of HTC’s decision to push their launch date to April 2016, with pre-orders in February, it seems that evidence of the headsets proximity to release is on show in Taipei, Taiwan. Specifically, a new set of branding for the SteamVR powered Vive VR Headset – as evidenced in the images below, seen here courtesy of

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HTC have apparently now shown the Vive to 8,000 people in 20 cities and on 19 campuses, according to a recent blog post. HTC will also bring their ‘Vive Unbound’ event to Beijing next week, followed by CES in the new year.


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  • Carl Usick

    Maybe that’s a positive sign that HTC is taking charge and is going to push something usable to the market. It doesn’t inspire confidence that they are still showing the clunky and unfinished demo units that they have been using since it was first revealed to the public so long ago.

    If they have a consumer ready headset finalized and polished, wouldn’t now be the time to show it to the world?

    • Doctor Bambi

      Yeah I don’t think they want to wait too much longer to reveal the consumer model. They definitely want to show it off before preorders for the Rift open up. That way they can tell people, “Hey, wait a little longer for our headset because it does a, b, and c.” I imagine the consumer model is going to have some really nice improvements over the current dev kit.

      • Carl Usick

        I put that “If” at the beginning because I don’t believe that they actually have a consumer ready product to show, or they would have already shown it. I would be ordering one right now if it was ready to go, but I believe what we are seeing is called a “slow motion car crash”.

        The DK2 that they are sending out to developers is obviously what was supposed to be the CV1. With any luck, Oculus won’t follow suit.

        • user

          oh, you recylcled your standard comment one more time. im impressed.

        • DougP

          Re: I believe what we are seeing is called a “slow motion car crash”.

          I believe what we are reading here is called a “drama queen” response.

        • Peter Everett

          They have one and their revealing it on the 6th at ces. Their not going to go around showing everyone before the planned press release…