Hubris (2022), the VR shooter from Cyborn, is arguably among the most visually intense VR games out there. Now the studio is slimming it down the game to fit on PSVR 2 and the Quest platform, and it’s coming this week.

First launched on PC VR headsets in late 2022, Cyborn announced that its sci-fi shooter Hubris is launching on PSVR 2 and Quest 2/Pro on June 22nd.

When the studio first announced for PSVR 2, it said the port would bring along with it “enhanced graphics and gameplay,” including foveated rendering for sharper resolution, haptics and adaptive triggers for swimming and shooting, revamped reloading and aiming, new enemy variations, refined difficulty levels, and 3D audio.

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Some of those things, namely shooting mechanics and enemy behavior, weren’t super polished when we reviewed the game on PC VR, putting it squarely in the realm of visually stunning, if not somewhat flawed. Granted, the game has seen a number of updates on PC since then, although this will likely be a first time playing the game for many, and released on the two most-popular VR platforms at the moment.

The studio says a Pico 4 port is also in the works, although we’re due to learn more about that soon.

You can wishlist the game on PSVR 2 here, and on Quest here. In the meantime, check out each platform’s trailer, each of which was captured in-headset.

Hubris: Quest 2 + 3 + Pro

Hubris: PSVR 2

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  • Naturally, like everyone else here, I follow all developments of VR, including PCVR.
    So I’m well aware of “Hubris”: it’s always bragged about and I’ve seen the PCVR trailer.

    Before I looked at rhe first trailer listed here, I thought:
    “I’m not sitting through yet ANOTHER trailer with non-hardware CG graphics ….”

    So I scrub through it, looking for the graphics fine print on the bottom of the screen.
    When I saw that the trailer’s footage is from IN HMD on Quest 2,
    the very first thing

    size/game showcase
    50 gigger incoming!! lol

    • shadow9d9

      Every single review highlights that it has absolutely bland and uninteresting gameplay, but is pretty.

      • namekuseijin

        the quintessential pcvr game then

        • ZZZZZZZING!! lol
          But, MOHAB & “Alyx” aside, you aren’t wrong …. lol

    • namekuseijin

      actually, I knew from Twitter they were trying to port it. Yeah, Galaxy’s Edge vibe in top graphics in an action game – tho not close to Red Matter 2.

      anyway, good thing it’s coming out now because both Asgard’s Wrath 2 and AC VR will look and play better than anything on Quest so far…

      • If you say so ….
        And “Red Matter 2” on Quest 2 is “Exhibit A” in your definition of a PCVR game.

        • kakek

          I knew as well. It’s not coming out of nowhere. Just because you missed the announcement doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

      • Baldrickk

        Did you SEE the AW2 trailer?
        I honestly think it looks awful.

        AC we have seen no footage of. The trailer was all CG

  • shadow9d9

    Pretty game that every single review highlights as having absolutely uninteresting gameplay…so stop hyping it just because of pretty graphics.. you send the message that graphics matter more than gameplay.

    • Hussain X

      Graphics matter a lot. When a VR game has really good graphics, half my time is spent in awe in that particular game. In fact my game time doubles as I stop very often to study and admire the graphics. When a game has outstanding graphics, I can overclock some shortcomigs in gameplay which Hubris may or may not have. Plus based on previous experience with reviews, sometimes high expectations causes reviewers to undergo some strange impairments, when in reality it’s actually a really good game too, just maybe not at Alyx level of gameplay.

    • Look man, you know what’s out there ….
      I’m desperate!! lol

    • jbob4mall

      Oh sure, now that’s it coming to the quest and it looks great, suddenly graphics doesn’t matter.

    • kakek

      The game is not bad you know.
      Average gameplay X very pretty graphics still makes for a pretty good experience overall.

    • Mike

      that’s a valid argument for flat gaming where the graphics are far ahead of vr. the fact that vr has virtually no AAA support and games with fairly limited budgets, simplistic at best graphics and barely above standard resolution compared to flat gaming, I’d say graphics are at least as important as game play if not more so. red matter 2 is the only psvr2 game i am aware of that’s coming even close to native res on psvr2 .