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Road to VR: Do you have any upcoming competitions / shows you’d like to talk about?

InfinitEye: We participated in the finals of the French contest #cent1projets on November 18th in Paris. The prize is not high but it would still be helpful for us. We are still waiting for the results. We will attend the Inition’s VR meet-up in London on December 12th and 13th. We will meet the press and a lot of developers, it’s going to be great exposure for us.

Road to VR: What are your plans for funding the project? Is crowd-funding on the agenda? If so, when?

InfinitEye: We are definitely considering crowd-funding as an option for funding our project. We still have quite a few things to do before launching such a campaign but Q1 2014 could be a good fit.

Road to VR: If you were to guess at a target retail price for the consumer version of the InfinitEye, what might it be?

InfinitEye: That’s a tricky question, possibly $400 but it’s still too early to give an accurate estimation. Be assured that we’ll do our best to propose the lowest possible price.

Road to VR: Do you think there is enough room in the marketplace for multiple VR HMDs? Do you see your product as somehow a premium option?

InfinitEye: In every market there should be enough space for different solutions. If games are developed with VR in mind, it should easy to make them compatible with different VR HMDs so everything is possible. I don’t know if the InfinitEye would be a premium option, let’s just say an alternative. A lot of actors are working on improving the VR experience, so we don’t know what will happen next.

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Road to VR: If you had a chance to collaborate with Oculus on a project, perhaps the InfinitEye, would you do it?

InfinitEye: Why not? They definitely have a great and impressive team.

Road to VR: What displays have you considered for the next version of the InfinitEye?

InfinitEye: Two 7″ 1920×1200 panels would be nice, but we also have other ideas that we prefer not to disclose for now.

FredZ posted a stream of excellent questions in our comments—most have been answered above—the remainder are below:

FredZ: Will the final version still use the dual 7″ displays or will you use smaller panels, in order to get a smaller form factor and a more appealing look and feel for the HMD ?

InfinitEye: Same as above, we are considering using different panels but it’s too early to talk about this.

FredZ: Did you have a try at supporting 1080p or 1200p MIPI panels, since building HDMI to MIPI boards seems to be feasible these days?

InfinitEye: Not yet, but we are looking into this.

FredZ: Do you intend to go wireless, and with which technology for the display and the tracker?

InfinitEye: It’s not our priority but we have a few ideas and contacts to achieve this, but nothing to talk about.

Road to VR: What are your thoughts on the current Oculus Rift Dev Kit (DK1)?

InfinitEye: It’s definitely a great device and we were very impressed when we first tested it. Still, we think that a wide FOV is a key factor in gaining more immersion, we are looking forward to seeing what will be the DK2.

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Our thanks go out to Stephane, Lionel and Robin for taking time out of their hectic schedule to get these answers to us. Remember, you can connect and stay in touch with the team over at their Facebook page. I’ll be catching up with InfinitEye and the team when I attend the forthcoming London Virtual Reality Meetup coming up on December 12th. I look forward to being wowed by high FOV VR all over again.


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