One of the most expensive and time-consuming parts of demoing at a VR event is outfitting enough demo stations. Too few and you’ll have a long line of unhappy people, but at $700+ for a GearVR/Galaxy S6 combo, it’s expensive to have more than a couple at most. And this assumes you’re a VR professional. What if you simply want to show off VR demos as part of your corporate event or birthday party without the hassle?

we-lens1California company WeLens sets out to solve that problem. WeLens offers a kit complete with Samsung Gear VR headset, a compatible phone, headphones, charger, and cleaning accessories, and can even preload content. Beyond that, they can assist with on-site staffing and furnishing, offering a turnkey VR event.

WeLens Road to VR Discount

The company claims to have assisted over 50 publishers, agencies, and organizations since setting up shop, and their focus thus far has been facilitating corporate and social events. As the winter holiday season approaches, WeLens is looking forward to a busy few weeks pushing immersive hardware to seasonal social events.

WeLens is already looking to expand their reach with an affiliate program which allow VR enthusiasts to make money helping bring the technology to local events in their area.

Hit the button above or use the code ROADTOVR on checkout for $10 off your first rental.

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  • Austin Bryan

    I love the idea of this company. Reminds me of the local “Silent Discos” that they have going on in Orlando. I would love to use them one day for an event. Will report back when we see how it goes.