Open World Survival Game ‘Into the Radius’ Coming to Quest 2 in September, Trailer Here


The Stalker-inspired survival game Into the Radius (2020) has seen its share of success on SteamVR headsets when it initially released in Early Access in late 2019. Now the studio says it’s bringing the open world game to Quest 2 later this year.

Into the Radius is a single-player survival shooter that, much like the Soviet film Stalker (1979)—loosely based on the 1972 novel Roadside Picnic—you walk an irradiated wasteland and experience some mind-bending landscapes and entities.

In the Pechorsk Radius zone you need to use stealth, climbing and realistic firearms to explore, scavenge for loot and recover strange artifacts in an unforgiving dystopian environment. Developers CM Games says Into the Radius offers “20+ hours of gameplay.”

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Now CM Games says it’s bringing the post-apocalyptic survival shooter to Meta Quest 2 in September 2022. In the meantime, the studio says it will be running closed beta tests, which you can sign up for here.

On SteamVR headsets, the game has done remarkably well, garnering a ‘Very Positive’ overall user rating from of over 3,000 players since it left Early Access back in 2020.

Notably, all of the footage in the new announce trailer was captured on Quest 2, which is a good sign since the game’s complex, physics-based gameplay and realistic gun-handling are big attractions.

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  • Sven Viking

    You could easily get more than 20 hours out of it. Very compelling (and rather terrifying) experience. I just hope they fix some of the bugs.

    • Aubrey Scott

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  • So yet another example of where the customers (you) will be charged double for the same game. Way to NOT keep your existing customer base happy CM…

    • Emily Lopez

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    • Ookami

      What??? most people who’ll buy this on the Quest likely never played it on PC? If you want a game on another platform, you always had to buy another copy. It’s been that way for several decades already.

      • Allison Morgan

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      • Enzo Gunbritt Brittmariblom

        Oculus crossbuy is pretty cool. I hope this game will support it since its already on pc in oculus store.

  • Looks cool!

  • Владимир Баранов

    I’m not finished that game yet but already playd around 40 hours. Thats game in top3 VR games and must-have.