Early-adopters of VR headsets turned to Live For Speed and Project CARS for their VR-enabled sim racing fix, which both have solid support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but we’re finally seeing movement elsewhere. Assetto Corsa’s pre-alpha support for the Rift in the recent 1.6 update was very well received (with Vive users also finding some success using the Revive injector), and VR sim racers will soon have another title to enjoy; iRacing begins its Rift support next week.

Kevin Bobbitt, Director of Marketing at iRacing, confirmed the news to Road to VR.

“We are excited to continue our support of VR hardware. We were one of the first titles to support the Oculus Rift DK1 so it’s natural that we would continue with support for the CV1. We are in the final stages of testing and plan to add support when we release our quarterly update next week. Once we finish this project we’ll be evaluating other VR hardware as well.”

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iRacing’s subscription-based online service is designed to be active 24 hours a day, with most championships operating on a 12-week schedule. The major software updates roll out four times a year, during the infamous ‘Week 13’ which next begins on June 7th. This is typically a week-long shakedown of the new build; a chance to test new content and to address any last-minute issues before a new season of racing gets underway. ‘Week 13’ can be a confusing introduction for new members, as the typical racing schedules aren’t active, and there can be more downtime than usual (note: Rift support is therefore due June 7th at the earliest, but could slip a day or two). However, it’s a good time to become acquainted with the sim; newcomers will want to spend time in private testing to ensure their hardware is configured correctly, and to familiarise themselves with some of the cars and tracks.

It will be interesting to see iRacing’s first VR implementation on consumer hardware, as their support for the Rift development kits was one of the more polished integrations at the time. The Rift’s ‘asynchronous time warp’—a rendering technique which maintains smooth visuals during slowdowns in rendering—should help to mitigate the performance issues commonly seen on the DK2, while the improvements in fidelity and comfort on the consumer Rift has made frequent racing in VR a more viable and appealing proposition.

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Further VR sim racing entertainment is due this year: Gran Turismo Sport’s showcase event in London last month confirmed that the title will be PSVR-ready at its launch in November. Considering how demanding driving sims can be on a high-end PC, it will be a remarkable achievement if developer Polyphony Digital can deliver the full GT Sport experience at decent quality in VR using the PS4. Fingers crossed we’ll have news about DiRT Rally’s VR support before then too, but that still leaves a number of PC sims (most notably RaceRoom, rFactor 2, and Automobilista) yet to show their hand.

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  • George Vieira IV

    Been waiting for this!

  • BigTake0ver

    I’m excited to see if they’ve gone beyond just hardware support. Their DK1/2 implementation was very solid, so it’s not like it needs a whole lot, but perhaps a UI treat or two might make it in.

  • jlschmugge

    Waiting for Assetto Corsa. One of the reasons I got VR.

    • Darrell B

      Assetto Corsa already has CV1 support. I’ve been playing it and love it.

      • jlschmugge

        Awesome! I heard they put off support to focus their console version. I get my rift in a month or sooner.

        • Dan

          I heard the same. Ah, just saw that their 1.6 update includes “pre-alpha support”… what does that actually include? Is there some attempt at an actual VR GUI now?

          The Project Cars devs being obnoxious, narcissistic a***oles long ago soured my interest in that game, and truthfully, while it’s maybe not as outwardly complete a “game” as PCars as it currently stands, the basic craft underlying Assetto Corsa feels of significantly higher quality and consistency.
          I’m counting the days until they have a full VR-compatible GUI in Assetto Corsa. (Well, and until I can afford to actually upgrade from my aging DK2 :-)

          Edit: Just watched some videos… they *do* have a VR GUI! Oh joyous day! Time to get the wheel and pedals off the shelf! :-)
          After their recent 1.5 talk of “we’ll get around to it eventually”… I wasn’t expecting anything this side of 2017! Go Kunos!

          Why has nobody covered AC’s VR update on RoadToVR yet?

  • RoJoyInc

    Playing P-cars and Assetto Corsa on VIVE (awesome) I’m not into PAY SUBSCRIPTION games. Though I have voluntarily dropped over 700.00 into Mech Warrior in 5 months.