Tested.com got Jamie Hyneman of MythBusters fame into the Oculus Rift. Hyneman, who has past experience in VR, seems pleasantly surprised.

In his field of work, Hyneman spends a lot of time with remote controlled robots — whether it be cars, rovers, or his famous 7UP bot.

Sometimes the thing he’s controlling is either very far away or out of line of sight. This is where telepresence becomes necessary. Hyneman immediately sees the benefit of the Oculus Rift for such situations thanks to the high field of view.

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  • Andreas Aronsson

    Very nice to see Jamie enjoying himself :D and I think this is the most I have heard him speak EVER! At least in one go! Perhaps he talks a whole lot but the Myth Buster editors might remove it all… Also, the 7UP-bot video cracked me up, it really makes me wonder what else he has done.

    And on topic, I would love to experiment with radio presence and the Rift… if just my kit would arrive :p I bet someone is already working on it.