John Carmack GDC Talk on “The Dawn of Mobile VR” Video Now Avaliable


John Carmack’s talks are always hotly anticipated by the geek legion (myself included) and his GDC 2015 exploration of the first years of mobile virtual reality last night was no exception. The video of the full session is now online.

Road to VR’s Ben Lang exhibited super-human levels of endurance as he tried, and succeeded, in keeping up with John Carmack’s dense, rapid-fire meanderings on the birth and future of mobile VR as he see’s it.

As ever, it’s required watching for anyone with even a passing interest in virtual reality or indeed, mobile phone industry or gaming in general. There are a few nuggets of news, foremost of which was Carmack’s assertion that the next hardware cycle for Samsung’s Gear VR will be the retail version.

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