Undeterred by the death of Google Daydeam and the subsequent discontinuation of its consumer-focused standalone headset, Mirage Solo, Lenovo announced its building a new 3DOF standalone for educational purposes.

With the so-called ‘Lenovo VR Classroom 2’, the company is offering up a complete package to educators, which includes hardware, content, device management, training, and support—all of it intended for middle and high school students.

The company says in its education-focused site that the headset will help teachers and administrators “easily integrate virtual reality lessons and field trips into their curriculum, leading to inspiration and meaningful learning outcomes.”

As for the hardware itself, Lenovo seems to be going a bit retro in the tracking department, as both the headset and single controller are 3DOF, which not only will keep students sitting at their desks due to the lack of room-scale tracking, but will also likely lower the overall cost of the hardware.

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Lenovo says it will include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 running an Android-based OS, 1,920×2,160 per lens resolution display clocked at 75Hz, and an integrated 4,200 mAh battery charged via USB type-C. The field of view is said to be 110-degrees, which is more or less standard at this point; overall it basically sounds like a slightly beefier Oculus Go.

According to a press release, Lenovo VR Classroom 2 will launch sometime in Spring 2020.

Deflated Daydream ambitions notwithstanding, the Chinese tech giant is garnering itself a name in VR/AR product design and manufacturing. It recently partnered with Facebook to create Oculus Rift S, the inside-out tracked hardware refresh of the company’s PC VR headset, unveiled a new prototype AR headset for business travelers, and partnered with Finnish headset creator Varjo to certify a line of Lenovo workstations for Varjo’s super high-resolution commercial VR headsets.

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  • Hmmm

    Looks remarkably like a Pico…

  • Alex Luloh

    Dear Industry,

    Please discontinue designing and manufacturing 3DOF VR Headsets. They muddy the water between cinematic VR and truly immersive 6DOF VR to the point where parents don’t know the difference and buy cheap gimmick headsets for their families and it leaves a bad taste in their mouth about VR as a whole.

    • Ad

      We need to stop calling 3doF VR, just call them 3D Personal Displays or something.

    • Actually there’s still a big market for them thanks to the low price. Virtual tours, 360 videos, etc… are still in use. They’re not for gaming, of course, bug for education, marketing and such, they are pretty interesting.

  • Ad

    Schools keep being sold bad hardware that’s obsolete fast at high prices. I feel really bad for any school that buys these and any kids that have to use them when they have a better 6doF headset at home.

    • Jonathan

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  • More than a beefer Go, seems a Pico G2 4K competitor

    • OMG.. just looked that up. Same controller, same back strap.

  • What are they charging schools for this lemon? Man, if it’s $400 or higher, any official that buys them needs to be FIRED. Out of a cannon. Into the sun.

    Worst yet, an entire generation might grow up thinking 3DOF VR is “normal VR”. This is all kinds of bad news. :(

  • JesuSaveSouls

    If the next oculus products are more like hp reverb and pimax combined it would be cool.They are more going to be the next step up in hardware as that of psvr.Meeting people with a budget means those with less pc hardware too.If the hp reverb runs on grx 1080 and many gamers are there but some have 1060s also…it’s possible they will release cordless pursuing only wireless to pc for premier gaming.

  • Warp

    My immediate thought was “Why on earth would you develop a 3DOF headset now?”

    Didn’t Oculus just reduce the price of a GO to $150?