Hologate, a Munich-based startup, today announced that their eponymous world-wide VR attraction has taken in two million visitors since it was first launched in 2017.

The virtual reality hardware company and VR gaming/experience studio boasts over 250 installations spanning Europe, the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region, and North and South America—a total of 21 countries to be exact.

The company says they’ve seen a steady increase of roughly 200k players each month leading up to the two million player mark.

Two Bit Circus, the micro attractions company, is owner of two such setups, saying that Hologate is one their “top VR attractions,” and that it’s “reliable, operator friendly, always busy, and people love the experience.”

Other top establishments include Andretti´s Indoor Karting & Games, Cinergy Cinemas, Main Event, VR Park: PVRK-Dubai, Timezone, and Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Parks.

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On average, Hologate says operators see around 1,500 plays per month; the top 21% of performers settle between 2,500 to 3,500 plays per month.

“This will be a big year for the platform. There are many new games being released, including some partnerships with major brands in the movie and gaming industry,” said Leif Petersen, CEO of Hologate.

Notably, Hologate is readying a new Angry Birds VR game which is said to launch alongside The Angry Birds Movie 2 this summer.

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    It looks fine, but I was hoping that this was more arena-style, which I’ve never been able to try. This is more standing and rotating, which I’m sure is much more friendly for an arcade environment, but I don’t know if I’m going to schlep out to Gresham, OR to try it.

    • Cables will do that to an LBE. :/
      There’s a place near me that uses Vive Pros with Wireless Adapters, and it opens up the experience a good amount, but you’re still limited to an open playspace.

      Can’t wait to see what people do with Quest and headsets like it. Hopefully we start seeing more things like the VOID and Nomadic.

      • Immersive_Computing

        Ever used a Vive Pro with a backpack PC in a 4-lighthouse setup? I got to try that out at Raindance VR last Autumn here in London, and that was something amazing.

        I’ve also used Oculus Rift with a backpack PC and Optitrack in a warehouse scale setup and that was mind blowing..

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