It seems the Oculus brand is finally departing physical retail. While Quest 2 boxes emblazoned with the new Meta name and logo are already on store shelves in the US, the swap from Oculus to Meta still has a ways to go.

Spotted by Upload VR’s Ian Hamilton, Meta has rolled out the freshly-rebranded Quest 2s to Walmart, one of its largest retail partners. So far, online retailers like Amazon, Target, NewEgg, and yes… also Walmart’s website still list the headset as ‘Oculus’ Quest 2.

And it doesn’t seem the company is worried about any of the self-inflicted brand confusion either, as the newly dubbed Meta Quest 2 oddly sits right next to a stack of the headsets in its original Oculus packing.

Look a little closer and you can see the 256GB version of Meta Quest 2, priced at $400, is also still labeled on shelves as ‘Oculus Quest 2’.

Image courtesy Ian Hamilton

The transformation from Facebook to Meta started back when the company announced in October 2021 it was putting a new emphasis on XR by becoming a “metaverse company.”

This also led to a progressive roll-back of the Oculus brand in effort to reposition its latest VR headset closer to its primary mission. And it appears that the rebranding has a ways to go, as the soft launch maneuver has yet to address some key areas.

Image captured by Road to VR is still the main digital storefront, which mentions the name Oculus a half-dozen times in tandem with Meta.

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If you want to buy a Quest 2 direct from Meta, you’re also still buying an ‘Oculus Quest 2’ under the Oculus warranty. Need product support? That Meta Support’s job, though they help you fill out Oculus bug reports for Oculus devices. The Meta Quest YouTube channel also still features the old Oculus logo.

Quest users however have recently seen the iconic Oculus startup image replaced in-headset with the new Meta branding. So there’s that.

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Well before the first modern XR products hit the market, Scott recognized the potential of the technology and set out to understand and document its growth. He has been professionally reporting on the space for nearly a decade as Editor at Road to VR, authoring more than 3,500 articles on the topic. Scott brings that seasoned insight to his reporting from major industry events across the globe.
  • xyzs

    Ditching Oculus name was one of the most stupid decision ever.
    They face years of rebranding inconsistency and struggles now.
    The only reason is because Zuck didn’t want to not be the founder of Meta’s XR division.

    • Usualsuspect7

      Yeah congratulate the criminal Mark Zuckerberg the one that’s literally selling spyware and our freedom to potential criminals that have easy access to the prey at all times knowing they’re exact location using the software that Mark Zuckerberg is selling which puts pray in a very vulnerable state and literally nobody’s freedom is worth value when someone has access to that type of information what else could they do? I know this they’ve closed my account down for the past 6 months now over email that was misread by the support department on their behalf completely it’s taking them 6 months to figure out nothing they’ve got nothing done I’ve gotten zero updates nothing has moved forward in a positive effect or manner whatsoever shape or form it is completely ridiculous they made a mistake and close my account I’m thinking that my Oculus was stolen when I was quoting the first actress that I possessed and owned was stolen away from my possession and no longer in my possession I now have a newer Oculus quest to that I was using and they close my account down for my safety quote un quote they’re spending all this time trying to think of a name for an already system that has a great name for it even though I think it’s strongly seduces the Illuminati part of it now now it’s metaverse that has strong ties to the Illuminati and if you can tell by the front of the cover from the original access quest to packaging the female has a long engaged head just like the the one percenters the reptilian race which if nobody knows what I’m talking about then you’re obviously not awake yet however I am very awake and I’m very hip to what’s going on in the world as far as our government and views go politically I stand however neutral don’t believe anything anyone says unless I can see touch it feel it myself what’s acceptable and what’s not in this world I’ve seen the worst of men I’ve seen the best of men I’ve been the worst of men I’ve been the best of men I will continue to be the best of men despite the worst of men that I see on a daily basis especially companies like Oculus that take for granted people that are less fortunate than they are to have a billion dollar company per se and not care about one customer’s feelings are intentions whether or not like in my case I have zero income I’m disabled unemployed I’ve worked my whole life I’ve worked hard for everything I own and get I was robbed for 9 Grand in a home invasion robbery on my 75 year old mother was taking advantage of and $9,000 with items were stolen including my first Oculus quest 2 which I mentioned in the email stated you sent to August and October 22nd 2021 that was the last time I had any interaction on my Oculus whatsoever all because of their poor decision making and Miss reading emails instead of confirming with me or even consulting with me whatsoever I’m not even in the picture here they’re doing investigation but they haven’t questioned me one time about anything or even read my notes I have left them several messages I’ve done everything I’ve I’ve even gone this far as putting a lawsuit out against them I’m assuming them for discrimination and for racism and labeling and robbing me from my second purchase of oculus quest 2 which both of them I work very hard to earn each one of them and obviously I was hurt because the first one got stolen from me there’s nothing I could do the police officers did absolutely nothing in my defense they had the Oculus in their hands from the criminal and gave it right back to the criminal cuz they can prove that it was mine cuz they were too stupid to see my profile picture on Facebook and I barely even down there I couldn’t even get them out in the snow because it was snowing outside in the police officer didn’t want to go outside in the snow literally cannot make this up I have it all recorded on security camera and the cops did absolutely nothing so I had to purchase another one had it for maybe 4 months before my identity was stolen and then next thing you know my address account was closed in there lies the beginning of the worst story of My Life they won’t even respond to me in a positive manner I can’t get them to say one thing and a positive effect they just tell me they’re going to investigate it’s going to take a very long time so 6 months is not a long time to them apparently what is a long time in VR hours I mean it’s just going to go on for centuries or some shit the next time it’s going to be upgraded by alien race or some shit it’s going to be obsolete not even going to exist anymore it’ll be something way better out there you don’t have to put on your face you just stand up and and play it it’s invincible I don’t fucking know I wish I had something cuz literally all I have right now is a Sega Genesis with pre-programmed fucking games on you can’t make this shit up man I even gave my Xbox 360 One x to my friend to ball he doesn’t even play the goddamn thing his sister and collects dust it’s not even out in the open to collect dust actually it’s just boxed up absolutely pointless and I asked for her back cuz he’s not using it and he’s not even responded to me like I’m not even fucking talking about anything done except for maybe relieve some of the attention that’s built up for 6 months of absolutely nothing happening negative energy and negative result from Oculus Facebook meta Zuckerberg Nazi psycho supporter of criminal mischief and God knows what else rape and child trafficking and whatever leads to having information of victims that criminals want to pray on to murder and having their every single location every single point in time with spyware software that Mark Zuckerberg is selling illegally it’s all in the news man this is the guy that I’m supposed to have turned my account back on because he made a mistake yeah that’s why it’s taking more than 6 months I don’t see this guy or even admitting that they’re at any fault or wrong doing whatsoever I think that’s what they’re having a problem with they can’t just admit they fucked up and I think it states that they they can literally just close your countdown for no reason if they want to they don’t have to have a reason to do it which I think is bullshit it’s fucking pirate shit you can’t sell somebody on a hypothetical situation that they created doesn’t exist they based their information on false information and that’s what they’re investigating they’re investigating false information that they created does that make any sense to anybody or just confusion as hell like I think it is I need someone to help me with this again because I’m not getting anywhere fast and I’ve done everything you could possibly imagine if anyone has any ideas on how to get through to the Oculus metaverse psycho crazy Illuminati bullshit fuckers better than I can then please I’m taking any advice right now that anyone can give me I’ll try anything thinking that I’m going to be stuck with a Oculus that doesn’t work just sit there and I just bought all the bells and whistles for too brand new headgear and replaced everything and got all set up and I bought a bunch of games off of the sale through the holiday sale through Christmas and everything and obviously somebody has hijacked my account because I’m not able to access it and got my information from a data breach from T-Mobile which I have another lawsuit against them right now dealing with that that’s why they were contacted in the first place it’s a whole reason why I thought it was involved in this because of the situation with T-Mobile that’s why I stated to them cuz I need something was going on my account I know it’s a game being refunded that I would never return for the fact that I literally paid 80% off for this Christmas and New Year’s holiday special you would have to be an absolute retard to return any of those games and all the games I bought just so happen to be because of that holiday sale I happen to have the money and it was a holiday and I wanted to buy those games so badly but I have purchased so many in the first setting when I first got my iPhone hey my nephews are very much games so I returned a couple of them before my ecos got stolen but after that I just had pre-existing game download on there so many of them when it first came out it’s just riddled with the beginning apps that it came with that were available I mean I literally just bought everything you could if I couldn’t buy it it was free so and I had the $200 gig or whatever 128 128 GB the other one was 258 or 264 or something like that high number I know mine’s not the same so another change it again and again and again and they’re going to keep changing it it’s so stupid this is not fair to consumers or people that spend their harder money I shouldn’t have to be doing this I shouldn’t be in a chat room talking to somebody bitching about how they close my account for absolutely no reason to investigate their own ass because they can’t find it or know how to properly work it or use it everything just keeps falling out of it and smells really bad and they don’t know what to do because no one told them how to wipe their ass properly is as a kid now they’re just adult shitting on everybody’s shit everywhere and not giving a fuck what happens everything comes out of there bullshit negativity Facebook was one of the worst things that could ever happen to you society it’s literally a bully to our kids it’s the reason for the highest number of suicide death rate in America within teenagers especially with the transgender community it’s an absolute epidemic the effect that it’s had on socialism in our country and negative form it is not worked out good for us it’s been beneficial in the fact that we’ve been able to error the laundry to everyone that we know and cry about our fucking problems on Facebook so people can you know feel bad for us and whatever and we can feel like we’re human beings but really it’s absolutely worthless and it’s bad for you in every shape form way nothing that derives from Facebook it’s basically like just a divorce wouldn’t happen or a fight waiting to happen it literally is susceptible and set you up for failure every time Facebook is literally a joke with no punchline and a really long rope which is coincidentally in the shape of a noose with your name on it just waiting for you to jump well guess what Facebook we can play Chicken on your fucking one I’m not jumping nowhere as a matter of fact in your metaverse fucking bullshit your zombie apocalyptic fucking nasty satanic fucking Scientology fucking crazy ass Illuminati fucking Freemason ass motherfuckers look if no One believes me about what’s going on take a look around you take a better look at things open your mind forget what you fucking learned in school and whatever your entire life literally everything that you have been taught everything you’ve been educated lie 100% will allow us to be more intelligent and more intellectual and more social they have dumbed us down as much as possible especially with psych meds and everything else like that which I went through I have experienced the worst from the government so I know what has in store and what it’s doing to our country within the prison system and the judicial system itself and all the corruption and all the bullshit that lies and tail with it it is Martydome blitzkrieg false flag operation population control bullshit if you don’t believe me just watch a couple documentaries and I say no more you’ll be 100% sold on the fact that everything you’ve been taught is literally 100% complete a fabricated lie in certain ways it’s a lot deeper than I can’t just say it everything’s a lie that doesn’t make any sense where I say like that but if you look at the way we’re talking the way we were culturally raised with church and state you’ll see clearly that the hell and the heaven that they preach about in the books and made so much propaganda and so much money off of in so many young lives have been destroyed because of that religion and that type of teaching basically raping their kids and tell them if they tell on them if they go to authorities that they’re going to burn in hell with a devil he’s waiting for him that’s what they’ve been taught their whole entire life yeah of course these kids are going to say anything cuz they’re scared of going to hell which doesn’t exist the hell that they’re talking on the books is actually what they’re dealing with right there in that point in time on Earth you create heaven hell there is a war going on between Good and evil and it’s literally within the government and the justice system and the politics and the presidential elections everything is 100% connected it’s not some conspiracy bullshit this is a real shit whistleblowers have come out everybody is basically saying we’ve had enough you can just look back as far as time goes look at the dollar bill and you can see presents of the Illuminati directly from a dollar bill it states everything right there they were implemented in in deeply into the soul of the American institution as soon as it was invented they were there from beginning of time they’ve never left are they’ve only gotten smarter and stronger and more elite and dangerous in 100% unpredictable people with that much knowledge and that much power and that much money can never lead to a positive thing in the end it always learns into corruption and violence and police state that’s where we’re headed we’re headed to a police state that’s exactly why the weapons were used against us 9/11 was a weapon Corona was a weapon every single virus has ever fucking hit America is a weapon a little weapon to have patents on the goddamn thing they have patents on the cures before the fucking viruses even the weapons virus or even released to the public they had patents on the fucking antidotes before they were released as a proven fucking stated fact even Google and fucking Alexa has spilled the beans already they fucked up they’ve told the truth about the government before the government was able to fix the glitches on I haven’t recorded on Facebook somewhere proof of it several of them and you’re not allowed to do it no more you can’t ask them those questions on Google or Siri and get the exact same responses you did prior to the government hacking into it and fixing it they fixed every kind of scan on and and bullshit propaganda that was put out there they fixed everything I mean they’re not geniuses like everybody thinks they are the government are not well oil machines obviously they’re not like a Watergate they can’t even sneak into a fucking building without being seen and causing a fucking horrible horrible fucking situation and every single president that was trying to do something that made a difference literally made a difference in the world was fucking assassinated. Yeah the main ones are fucking Abraham Lincoln obviously and Kennedy the CIA was made by the fucking government and that’s how conspiracy theory started the know your history definitely do your homework and know your history if you’re not aware of what the government is capable of what they have done in the past then you are basically just either purposely being a lamb led to slaughter or you’re that dumb and don’t realize how dumb you are which isn’t your fault it’s the fault of the schools and the education system that we have been forced to endure where they’ve been teaching us at a a lower level of of intellectual education I’m clearly 100% smarter than most people I know I have an acre of graduation on books but if you spoke to me and talk to me with my vocabulary in my self-taught education that I have now homeschool basically by myself and I will give prison some credit for the tutoring efforts that they had with me helped a lot I do suffer from a learning disability which I try not to talk about because I don’t want to have any excuses but it has made it somewhat difficult for me in the school presence in actual going to school was hard for me to do but now I’m older and I realized that was dumb and I do need to education he can’t get nowhere unless you unless you have knowledge knowledge is power now that I know that and I know I was dumb wishing I can go back I’m educating myself now cuz it’s never too late and I am defying odds in all ways shape or form because I shouldn’t be alive right now seven times over I died from opium opioid overdoses heroin overdoses and suicide attempt which I thought I completed obviously I stand corrected I literally stand corrected look I hope they read this cuz they read everything anyway so Mark Zuckerberg if you read this I need you to know that not everybody’s stupid and not everybody is defined we’re not all hell in colors around here some of those are smarter than what we look like or seem to be we’re not just mindless consumers that are a disposable commodity in a sense that we mean nothing except for numbers to you I stand corrected I am a human being I should be treated like one and I demand fucking respect I don’t just deserve it but I fucking earned it and I accept nothing less than respect to the full extent for what I am who I am or what I’m about I’m a selfless person I literally dedicate my time to educating people about opioid dependency in America because it’s an epidemic it’s destroying very fabric defines us together as a country yet I’m Cut from a different cloth the most motherfuckers obviously because I wouldn’t be staying here talking to you if I wasn’t most people that even interact with opioid dependency and a heavy usage manner for a long duration of time which I endured don’t talk about it because they’re not allowed to do it however I stand a better man for what I’ve been through he can look in the mirror now unlike I couldn’t pass and see the person that I was meant to be a selfish giving loving individual that respects everything around him and loves everything around him and carries himself in a positive shape and form at all times even when everything is negative it’s shitting literally giant turds all around me but I find something positive to hold on to you and bring Sunshine into that bullshit cloud of shit that’s fine on me constantly and it doesn’t stop it’s like Seattle but shit it just never stops raining shit there’s a shit storm every day I get shocked when the shit stops flying I’m not shocked by the shit that’s on all over the place cuz I’m used to being shit on constantly I am shocked and in all and excited when it stops shooting which never happens especially with oculus going on 7 months now strong with absolutely not one positive sentence that came out of any other support personnel’s mouths not one fucking sentence or one word that was in a positive effect towards my account or my situation whatsoever nothing no promising anything not even something to hold on to you not even something to think about the next day not a goddamn clue on what is going on except for they are investigating and investigation investigating for the past seven months of investigation that’s been ongoing and now they’re investigating and investigation of an investigation if you figure that one out and I’m not shitting you that’s literally what they’re doing they’re trying to show their head up their ass as far as they fucking can until they can see it in a mirror it’s just not going to happen are you going to see is your ass and a bunch of shit but when all comes down to brass tacks you can just look at the paperwork that’s filed from the State against Mark Zuckerberg and that tells the truth right there the truth needs no defense that’s why I’m not defending myself I’m asking for help someone fucking help me attack these fucking assholes and tell them that they’re doing wrong and tell them to stop using their pride as a fucking bargaining tool that’s what they’re doing they’re using their prices leverage they won’t break the pride and admit they were wrong and just open up my account because they cannot see that as the truth in their minds they literally believe that they have done everything they can in a positive way to better the customers experience which is the farthest thing from the fucking truth I could possibly ever think of they’ve done everything they can to make my fucking life absolutely unenjoyable miserable questionable confusing aggravating frustrating angry irritated fucking vengeful extremely fucking negative when it comes to the situation with oculus I cannot get a good day if I fucked it in the ass it wouldn’t even give me a reason why if I paid for it a good day when you give me the time of day to have the common currency for a reach around if I fucked in the ass and I’ll tell you why because the day is too busy trying to fuck me in the ass in the person that is in control that day is Mr Mark isuckerberg the fucking zombie Nazi Illuminati fucking monster that he is with all the power information in one little disc software in his hand that can literally decide whether it is and lives will be on the surf or dissipate into the nothingness that is the existence after death I can say that from experience seven times there is nothing but darkness wouldn’t we go and that is someone that has been there seven times flat mind darkness brother that’s it that’s your God that your bullshit that you learn in the school everything darkness there is no God’s not fishing with Sam and David Jr listening to the fucking California raises his brother smoking weeding shit nothing like that just darkness’s Elvis is not up there cooking fried peanut butter sandwiches none of that bullshit’s going on it’s just complete nothingness until you turn back to light which I did thankfully seven times I do not feel like I have an eight time in me seven is the lucky number Lucky 7 so it’s been 7 months now since I was just been rear into me with their giant enormous falice

  • Tommy

    It’s still facebook

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  • Andrew Jakobs

    Who cares what the branding is, as long as it works.. Now I do hope we soon get to hear about some new headsets, as it’s been very quiet for a while now.

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  • GX Studio

    Not a fan of this change at all myself