Meta introduced a new game called ‘Super Rumble‘ to Horizon Worlds, something the company hopes will showcase a new generation of improved experiences on its own social VR platform.

Released after a successful beta weekend in May, the free-for-all first-person shooter is said to highlight new improvements to Horizon Worlds, such as “better graphics, deeper gameplay, and a variety of quests and rewards.”

Players can choose from six superpowers before each session, allowing them to outmaneuver opponents and develop their playstyles. Here’s how Meta describes each power:

  • Super Dash gives you super speed
  • Super Jump lets you launch into the air with explosive force
  • Super Ammo saves you from having to reload
  • Super Tough reduces the damage you’ll take from each hit
  • Super Net lets you immobilize other players
  • Super Punch lets you attack with a powerful punch
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Super Rumble is aiming to offer a fast-paced experience, which serves up to two to six players, with each match lasting five minutes. The game also serves as a launching point for a new integrated system of player levels, quests, rewards, the latter of which includes avatar clothing, emotes, and nameplate titles.

Check out the action below:

We’ve seen a few first-party worlds alongside a number of third-party brand engagement experiences on Horizon Worlds since the platform launched in late 2021, however going the ‘full featured’ minigame route is a fairly recent move that has more potential to attract and keep users. It’s certainly helped Rec Room to become one of the most prolific social VR platforms to thrive on both VR headsets and traditional flatscreen devices.

Interestingly enough, this comes only one day after Meta opened Quest up the online gaming powerhouse Roblox, which is in direct competition with Horizon Worlds. Now, Quest users can choose between Roblox, Rec Room, VRChat, Horizon Worlds, and Gym Class to name a few of the top free social VR platforms.

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  • Man, imagine if they put that much effort into keeping Echo alive.

    • NotMikeD

      I’m a simple man; I see someone bashing Meta for the Echo shutdown, I upvote.

      • ViRGiN

        I hope you are as cool as here for Valve Steam cutting off more Windows7/8 users from their ENTIRE library. That’s more people than all PCVR combined ever had and ever will have.

  • Rudl Za Vedno

    I’m way too old for this kind of sh@t. Meta is literally targeting 10 year olds now. Sad, just sad.

    • ViRGiN

      Gorilla tag is number one game, the most popular in PCVR. Why are there more 10 year olds in paid version of gorilla tag thank in any other “adult” games? 20x less players have played the pcvr exclusive masterpiece “vertigo 2”. Who tf pcvr is for?

      • NotMikeD

        ViRGiN, I have to ask–what’s endgame for you? When do you “win” and call it a day with these comments? Is it when everyone throws up their arms, declare PCVR dead, disavow Valve forever, and just decide to play Gorilla Tag on Quest 2/3 until the end of time?

        • ViRGiN

          What’s your goal here?
          You’ve already said everything you wanted. Why even continue?

          Do you respond to every comment you don’t agree with?

          • FloridaOJ

            ^ You seem to respond to every comment you don’t agree with…

            Oddly, I agree with most of your takes, as I understand that iteration and support is required for VR to grow. However, you’re really bad at delivering the message in a way that fosters any desire to be collaborative in thought, with anyone you reply to.

            It doesn’t matter if you’re right, if you can’t manage to get anyone to see it.

      • kakek

        What tf does PCVR have to do with the fact that this shit is aimed at 10 years old ?

        • ViRGiN

          How does a game for 10 year olds is the most played one for months on a platform with very high entry cost? Platform called “high end vr”?

  • sfmike

    As in all their ads Meta markets mostly to women. There is zero male energy in Horizon.

    • Will

      The irony of being a little girl about such an imaginary problem

    • Charles U. Farley

      Wow I mean … I just can’t even … are you for serious dude? That’s just gross. Go back to the 17th century with that bullshit.

    • Van Halen

      We need big dick dudes on everything

    • kakek

      He’s got a point. I wouldn’t have framed it like that, but this all look round and cute and colorfull and harmless.
      I saw it as childish, but feminine also fits.

  • Van Halen

    Bro horizon world sucks

    • Mr.Philgood

      Have you tried Super Rumble?

      • Van Halen

        No I won’t cause it sounds gay

        • kakek

          Judging from your PFP, that should interrest you.
          More seriously, it doesn’t look gay. Just childish and bland.

          • Van Halen

            Shut up hom0


    As somebody who had given up on Horizon Worlds, this game shocked me. It actually feels like a video game, and a pretty damn good one. (Unlike almost all the other experiences in Horizon which just don’t cut it) Meta does learn from their mistakes, and they have begun retooling their creation tools to accommodate REAL game development and way better graphics.
    – Super Rumble” has been built with imported objects, assets and textures, something that wasn’t previously possible with Horizon.
    -“Super Rumble” developers also relied on TypeScript as opposed to the in-world Code Blocks scripting used for prior worlds, making it possible to build a much more reactive environment.
    The end result of these changes is this : Super Rumble is FUN.
    Nothing I’ve seen in Horizon up until this point has ever been compelling enough to make me want to come back and log in. Happy to say, I was up till 4am yesterday night having a blast and I’m headed back there for more tonight.
    If the quality of this game is indicative of what the overall experience in Horizon Worlds is going to evolve into, Meta may have just taken their dying/dead wannabe metaverse platform and saved it from irrelevance. And if it’s this good on the current Quest 2 chipset, the future on Quest 3 is looking very promising.

    • kakek

      A pretty damn good video game ? You kidding ?
      Visuals are bare minimum. Weapons feels weak, no impact. Like nerf guns. And not even good ones. Flashy colors, everything is childish and tacky.

      This doesn’t look like a good game. This looks like the bare minimum in would accept to try if friends were telling me it’s fun despite how it looks.

  • kakek

    The decision to make the metaverse family friendly is hindering it. Like RecRoom.
    I mean it is supposed to be a space where you can build anything … as long as it’s not more threatening than a pixar movie.
    So yeah, anything, except horror, violence, erotism, or anything that sparcs ideological debate. So not quite everything. In fact, more like eveything withing a very limited style : kid friendly.

    And this is why this look like shit. It’s a shooter where everything is pink, round, friendly and non violent.
    Pass. And I will never see much point in the metaverse because the universes that interrest me are simply not allowed.

  • Adrian Rodriguez

    It does not look good…