If you live in Northern Europe outside of the Eurozone, or in New Zealand, Meta says recurring subscriptions will soon be priced in local currency and not in U.S. dollars.

One of the Quest platform’s biggest subscription plans right now is its Meta Quest+ game service, which lets you play a revolving catalogue of Quest games by either paying $8 USD per month, or $60 USD a year.

Meta announced that starting May 22nd, users in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and New Zealand will start seeing charges in their respective local currencies, and not in USD, which was initially offered at launch of the service in June 2023.

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For example, Sweden-based Meta Quest+ users currently pay $10 per month, and $75 per year, so it’s likely we’ll see a direct conversion there since pricing has already been adjusted relative to that country’s built-in taxes, etc.

Meta hasn’t said whether it will expand this localized pricing to other regions charged in USD. Many countries, including Canada and the entirely of the Eurozone, are charged in their respective currencies already.

Here’s the full statement from Meta below:

Hello ‘User’

We’re writing to inform you that as of May 22, any active subscription tiers that are available in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland or New Zealand will no longer be charged in U.S. dollars and instead will charge users in the local currency of each country – Norway (NOK), Sweden (SEK), Denmark (DKK), Switzerland (CHF), New Zealand (NZD).

When this update goes live, any subscription tier pricing will automatically be updated according to our latest price tiers, which account for conversion rates and locally relevant price formats. The next monthly charge for users in affected regions will be charged in the relevant local currency mentioned above.

If you have any questions, please contact developer support.

The Meta Quest team

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