Meta announced it’s pushing a major change to Workrooms, its virtual collaboration space that connects both VR and video chat users. The overhaul is set to improve, but also remove a slate of features, so Meta is suggesting active users download important data before the update’s May 30th rollout.

Launched in 2021, Workrooms was designed to be a fully-functional virtual meeting space that leveraged a companion app for both PC or Mac, letting you stream your computer’s desktop and see your real keyboard via a small passthrough window in addition to chatting with users both in VR and on traditional monitors.

Meta says in a developer post its getting ready to improve Workrooms, which is set to feature a new room design and a simplified way to create and join meetings.

Here’s what Meta’s bringing to Workrooms come May 30th:

  • Book a meeting without creating a workroom first so you can share a link without having to be in the app. This also removes the ability to create a meeting in a workroom.
  • Allow anyone with the link to join your meetings or workroom, or restrict access to only allow people who are logged in to Workrooms. Hosts will also be able to restrict access to only members of the workroom.
  • More comfortable screen sharing, no matter where you’re sitting in VR.
  • Ability to resize and adjust the height and distance of virtual screens in your personal office, which saves automatically.
  • A new VR environment featuring a redesigned lake environment whenever you join a meeting or a workroom.
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This comes alongside a host of features which are set to be scrapped from Workrooms entirely, including Whiteboards, posters, logos, environments and layouts, chat, files, links and tracked keyboards.

The company says that users should download important information from these soon-to-be deprecated features before May 30th, as associated data won’t be available for download after that cutoff date.

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  • Dragon Marble

    This is good news. Even though I have a Vision Pro now, I still work in Quest 3. That’s because I don’t own a Mac and I can’t connect my VP to my PC.

    I feel like I can be a witness for the government in their law suit against Apple. They really actively make it hard for those who are not already in the “ecosystem”. I went through so much hassle connecting my Bose headset that I almost gave up and bought a Airpods Max! Win me over with better products; don’t just try to trick or force me over.

  • Well, the number of scrapped away features is pretty big :O

  • Ahh yes, improve workrooms by allowing better virtual desktops, while removing their single coolest feature: whiteboards

  • ViRGiN

    Sorry, I was away having “sex”.

    I love Meta, but I am sad of course. How can I meet up with my one friend Brad if they keep retiring all these awesome features :(

    • ViRGiN

      sadlybradley is the best gaysex i have ever had

    • One time, I made sex-sex with a lady.
      No really!
      Well, she doesn’t live *here*, she lives in Canadia, right?
      And then one time, right, she stole money from her Mom’s purse,
      and then she bought booze and we then we took alcohol.

  • Scott – don’t want to be harsh but do a bit more journalism next time. This is a slightly reworded version of the official blog post.

    Where’s the analysis? Why does this matter? Does it matter?

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Huh, it seems they’re gonna scrap features that maje workrooms actually useful. I can’t imagine a good meetingroom without a whiteboard, or logo’s. Couldn’t they just have converted it to the new models?