E3 is underway here in LA and at Microsoft’s press conference the software giant have announced that they’re working closely with Valve on virtual reality for the Windows 10 platform.

Just last week at Oculus’ pre-E3 press event, Microsoft joined the company on stage to announce a close working relationship to ensure Windows 10 gamers enjoy what they termed the best VR experience.

At Microsoft’s press conference at E3 today, the firm announce that they’re extending that VR relationship to Valve VR. Kudo Tsunoda from Microsoft Studios took to the stage to say “Today we’re proud to announce a new partnership with Valve VR. We’ll be working closely with Valve to make Windows 10 the best platform for VR gaming.” But Tsunoda went on to reaffirm the strength of their partnership with Oculus, reiterating last week’s previews of Xbox One utilising Windows 10 streaming to allow console gamers to play their favourite Xbox One games in virtual reality.

It’s an encouraging move from Microsoft and one that should assure VR gamers that Microsoft is serious about the technology. Quite how these relationships play out in the next 12 months, as we greet the VR hardware consumer releases for Valve and Oculus remains to be seen though.

We’re at E3 all week bringing you the latest news from the show. Stay tuned.

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  • kalqlate

    Of course! Though I’m sure Microsoft will eventually present their own VR hardware, it only makes sense as the main PC gaming platform OS maker that they will work hard to support all significant VR players.