The long wait is over. Starting today, Minecraft will now include support for PSVR, which arrives as a free update to the base game on PS4.

Update (September 22nd, 2020): PlayStation sprung a surprise launch of the new Minecraft PSVR update today. Although the company previously tweeted that Minecraft would arrive yesterday, September 21st, it is indeed rolling out starting today.

Check out the new Minecraft PSVR launch trailer below:

Original Article (September 7th, 2020): The studio says in a PS blog post that PSVR support was actually a planned feature since cross-platform gameplay and the Bedrock version arrived on PlayStation 4 in December 2019.

“It is 100% the same Minecraft game that you can play every day, every week, every month, every year…on PlayStation 4. Nothing removed. 100% wholesome & pure full-fat Minecraft,” says Mojang’s Roger Carpenter.

Oculus' John Carmack Got 'Minecraft' Working on Quest, But the Project Was Abandoned

The free patch will include new VR-specific settings and guidance, and will include both a first-person ‘Immersive’ mode and ‘Living Room’ mode, which ostensibly lets you play the game from the comfort of large, virtual TV.

Unfortunately you won’t be hacking away at Creepers with PS Move controllers though, as it appears only DualShock 4 controllers are supported at the time of this writing.

With the addition of Minecraft for PSVR, this brings the blocky adventure sandbox to nearly every major VR headset now, save the Oculus Quest. Despite its consistent popularity, Mojang and Oculus have are still playing it fast and loose with their reasoning behind the lack of a proper port.

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  • AA

    Now do Oculus quest! Please.

  • TechPassion

    SteamVR is needed. Nothing else matters.

    • Rogue Transfer

      Microsoft also announced a Minecraft Windows Edition OpenXR beta a week or so ago. This should work with any headset, including the SteamVR OpenXR beta support, but I’ve not tested it with that yet.

  • yeah, kinda doesn’t make sense to add move support since minecraft relies so heavily on joysticks.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      But that’s why one should add specific controls for VR.. You can do everything with the movecontrollers if you just take the time to rethink how you should do it.. I’m already glad they added VR-support as it will just mean more people will try it with PSVR, and it might give VR an extra impulse..

      • just wish the move controllers had a joystick variant, would make it a lot easier.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          Yeah, it would be better if it had new controllers with a joystick on it, a combination of the navigator-/move-controller (a lot of people seem to forget there was a navigator controller for the PS3)

          • kool

            I’d take a cradle for the move with joysticks on it.

  • How is the Bedrock VR edition still such a pale imitation of the free fan made VR mod for Minecraft Java? Just pay the Vivecraft dude.

    • Rosko

      tbh i thought vivecraft was shit in comparison to the windows vr version. In what way is Vivecraft better?

      • Anonmon

        For starters, it’s the real version of Minecraft, not the microtransactioned to kingdom come UWP version that you can’t mod, so that automatically makes it the superior version to play given the MASSIVE number of mods that exist. Personally I find Minecraft unplayable without some kind of minimap because of world sizes and the vanilla maps are largely useless and tedious to make, especially given how you have to jump through hoops to make them only in mid-late game.
        You’re screwed if you have a Lighthouse tracked SteamVR headset over a Facebook machine or a WMR headset if you want to play the “official implementation”. Some of us like rock solid tracking and/or don’t want to support anything Facebook’s doing thank you very much.
        Then on top of that, it being a minecraft mod made by fans means it actually has features. Too many if you ask someone who can’t be bothered to tweak things to their liking. Any kind of movement options, basically any kind of world interaction type you can think of between actually physically doing it and button presses and anything in the middle, any kind of controller mapping and UI set up you want, literally you can make the gameplay experience exactly how you want it, as opposed to a limited handful of options Mojang graciously lets you have.

        • Rosko

          The bedrock version does have mods, It may not have as many mods but it runs much better & looks better than vivecraft. So i don’t think it’s fair to say that it pale imitation. I found vivecraft was almost like vorpx in comparison to the bedrock vr version.

          • Anonmon

            I guess that shows how out-of-the-loop I am, last I was aware the W10/Pocket edition was still completely locked down. But it’s still only “What we allow via a official API”, plus UWP inherently being garbage and something no one should ever endorse or touch, compared to full no-questions-asked access to absolutely everything in the game and more to be modded you have with Minecraft proper. Not to even mention that because of the limits, any “mods” for W10/Pocket edition are gonna pale in comparison to the real deal. Which is likely why there aren’t as many ‘mods’ for it.
            As for running smoother, I’ll give you that as Java always ran like butt without Optifine, but looking better? At worst they look exactly the same, at best nothing compares to how much Minecraft proper looks with the right combo of mods. Yes, even with RTX as there was already a mod for that, which personally I think looks better when it comes to glass and more nuanced stuff, before anything ‘official’ came along.
            I could see the VorpX comparison from a shear amount of tweakability standpoint, but something that tries to create stereoscopic functionality by way of general injection tools that are pretty hacky vs. a dedicated mod that goes into the very core of how the game renders frames doesn’t even compare. The official VR implementation probably feels more streamlined because all the features Vivecraft has are straight up not present, it’s what little they give you they deem to be “The correct experience” and absolutely nothing else. I like having options thanks.
            Plus you know, screw anyone who doesn’t like inside-out I guess.

          • Rosko

            Does the path tracing mod utilize RTX yet?

          • aasdfa

            we need to find out

          • As a Rift S (and Quest 2 soon) owner, I can definitely say I’ve played 100’s more hours of Vivecraft than the bedrock equivalent. The ability to tweak settings and bindings just how I want them and use a plethora of different shader packs makes the experience 10 times better than bedrock imo. And I can play with Vivecraft on Vanilla multiplayer servers too, which is sweet. I can play in Vivecraft the same servers my little brother plays on desktop, and it rocks!

  • Be on oculus quest. This is what people are asking for.

    • Sadly, it would be the bedrock edition, which is pretty lame. ViveCraft is way better and I wish they’d took inspiration from it.

  • Cool for all PSVR users!

  • Alrighty. Now Microsoft. hire the Vivecraft guy for like 2 months or something, pay for his code… and get bedrock working on Quest 2. Please. I don’t want to use Link but I want to play Minecraft on Quest.

  • AA

    Minecraft is playable on quest with 6 dof, by sideloading the gearvr version but support is ending for it in October. Need this to happen.

  • TrumpSupporter

    Minecraft should be a free game

  • I’d like them to add support for “F**KING-WORK-AT-ALL”. I get this repeating error message every time I try to start it. I’ve already bought Minecraft on 5 different occasions, I should be able to use just one of them on my PC.