OrbusVR, the virtual reality MMORPG, is getting plenty of new content this year, as the studio not only released a continuation of the game’s ‘Explorer’s League’ questline early this year, but also the first of a series of paid DLC ‘Mini Story Packs’ that promise to bring 10 -15 hours of additional content to the game. Now the first of those paid Mini Story Packs is here.

Update (April 30th, 2020): Orbus Online has now released its first Mini Story Pack, called ‘Secrets of Mugwood’. Priced at $10, the studio says in a blog post that the decision to offer its Mini Story Packs as in-app purchases rather than release on Oculus or Steam storefronts was to better tie the content to your account, and not the store platform itself.

The Secrets of Mugwood appears to feature a new device that miniaturizes the player, offering a literal ‘Mini Story’ adventure that only those with the ‘micronizer’ can access. Check out the new promo video below.

Original Article (January 31st, 2020): Introduced last year, The Explorer’s League questline is getting its second phase starting February 10th, which is said to provide around 5-10 hours of new content and include rewards such as a Transmog chest piece, new dyes, achievements, and buildings upon completion of the storyline.

In light of the studio’s decision to make the game free-to-play up until level 10 on PC, it appears OrbusVR is looking towards paid DLC quests to keep players coming back for fresh content. The first paid Mini Story Pack is said to arrive Q2 2020, and will be priced at $10 (see update). The studio says it will include “all-new zones to explore, quest lines and NPCs, allowing you to experience Patreayl like you’ve never seen it before.”

MMORPG 'OrbusVR' Now Lets You Play for Free Until Level 10 on PC

Here’s how Orbus Online describes it:

While the effects of Essence radiation are clearly visible throughout the land, no one has ever explored their effects on the micro ecosystems of Patreayl. Using the newly developed “micronizer” tool, shrink down and discover a miniature world teeming with life—as well as a few secret cities.

Meet the residents of a mushroom village, clamber up discarded barrels in a field, and find your way through a maze of underground tunnels.

This first Mini Story Pack will introduce around 10-15 hours of new gameplay. You will find new monsters, gear sets, a new mount, pet, house decor and achievements. Each new zone will be laden with hidden areas and secret passages—discovery of which will be aided with the addition of a new climbing mechanic!

Orbus says more information of its first Mini Story Pack will arrive in the coming months, so stay tuned to the studio’s blog for the latest.

OrbusVR supports SteamVR headsets via Steam, and Rift and Quest via the Oculus Store.

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  • jj

    hmm the overly expensive game that doesnt really seemed finish is coming out with paid dlc….. interesting

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  • sfmike

    Getting better all the time. You can’t blame them for wanting to generate some funds for their work.

    • jj

      I can. The whole early access mentality is fucked and theyre a perfect demonstration of a company taking advantage of it to fund a game where only the investors (kickstarters and early access funders) are at risk of losing while the company just collect money regardless.

      Whether the game makes it or breaks it, those employees are getting paid and if it doesnt make it, those funders are the ones that payed for that. We as consumers shouldnt be the ones making these gambles for large companies.

      The company is the one in the position to make tons of money from these games so theyre the ones who should be supplying the funds and putting thier money on the line.

      This whole idea of gamers paying for the game before its developed and hope it gets finished is a scam. Youre supporting that scam where you make a gamble with your money and these game companies make no gamble but get to win or lose.

      • JakeDunnegan

        Have we jumped in time a decade or so where VR is as commonplace as a console or PC? So the opportunity for money making is as possible (hard as it already is, mind!) as any other device?

        /Sarcasm off.

        It ain’t easy to make money doing VR. How many other MMOs are there, exactly in the VR space, or have even been started, that we know of, in the VR space? Exactly zero. You take a position that this company is the next EA and just wants to nickle and dime you to death to get your last gaming dollar.

        Hint: For the hours of entertainment given, it’s probably the LEAST expensive for-purchase VR game ever published. When you add up what the recent Darth Vader game cost, and how many hours of play included (and I will freely admit, the graphics and play value were top notch) – even so, you’re dropping $30 for about 15 hours of play, at best.

        It’s one thing if you’re just not into MMOs – I get it, but to diss a company that’s putting one out and is well received by those who DO like MMOs – that’s just bad form.

        One thing about the VR community that I’ve noticed and what sets us apart – we tend to appreciate and support the companies who also take a risk and put out good content for these cutting edge systems that we enjoy.

        • jj

          you have great points and above you said they do not charge monthly which helps as well, but a lot of what i said still stands.

          I’ve also gotten a lot more then 15 hours out of a ton of vr games like boneworks, beat saber, neosvr and more.

          If the company is going to make money off of the game then you shouldnt be the one taking the risk with your money. thats it.

          • JakeDunnegan

            Well, a company, if they deliver a decent product, should be allowed to make a profit (otherwise, what’s the point?).

            And, I agree with you, as well, regarding early access. At the very least, a dev should ensure that early access is at a discounted price (b/c they haven’t finished the game yet, ergo, you’re not gettng an entire game, you shouldn’t pay the whole price…), and then should also deliver a discount on purchase for helping to “test” their game for them.

            Having said that, Orbus went out of early access quite a long time ago. Also, in July of last year, they now have a free Demo, so you can try out the game for ten levels before putting out any money at all. (I just found that out b/c there’s an article about it at the top of the comments of this one.. ;) )

          • jj

            your right and I just learned about the ten levels as well which is pretty cool.

            If they deliver a product then they should get paid, my issue is if they dont deliver, people still paid them and they still made money.

      • Cl

        Isnt that what a kickstarter is though? Basically an investor, but instead of getting money if they do well, you get a product that wouldnt have existed without the investment? Maybe you misunderstand what kickstarter is.

        Now early access i believe is being taken advantage of with certain games, we can agree on that.

  • Dave Graham

    Isn’t this game still in beta?

  • R3ST4RT

    I know that a lot of people praise this game and have hundreds of hours of play time but it just wasn’t the VRMMO for me. I think it was primarily due to the level design and texture/pallet choices. The game itself isn’t terrible but when I login and walk around, it doesn’t feel like anything special is happening. Hopefully this dlc will add some more interesting content and mechanics!

    • Gabrielle

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  • Randy V.

    I started to like this game, then one day I just quit playing. It is an interesting game and I give it some kudos but it feels like playing in a Sega Genesis… not horrible but bland enough where it was hard to get all that excited, expansive enough that it can be a chore to travel…. but in reality the entire game world would fit inside a normal sized Walmart with plenty of room to spare.

    It will be epic when VR reaches the next true hardware generation. Games like Orbus are exciting because it shows just how cool this technology can be while at the same time reminding you of its place in the timeline of VR. You can see that the expansion is overall better graphically but not leaps and bounds. If this style of graphics works for you, Minecraft’ish is a thing, I get it, then congrats, the game itself is solid and you are going to have a blast. Me… that was my thing back when I was in high school. I’m on to new things. It was fun to take the way back machine but I just do not want to stay there.

  • JakeDunnegan

    This game has been out a long time, has a lot of happy customers and unlike most other online games that continue to produce content – they don’t charge a monthly fee.

    I can’t blame a company for trying to make some money on new content and keep their doors open. I don’t see very many MMOs out there in VR-Land. Would I like to see one with more current graphics and stylization? Sure. But we can hardly get 15 hour games from AAA companies (I’m looking at you, Vader Immortal) for $30. (Exceptions on other decent games with a lot of content: Asgard’s Wrath is $40 and Stormland, but neither of which are MMOs).

    I don’t know that we’ll ever get a AAA company to bet the farm on a VRMMO anytime soon.