Cyan Worlds announced that RIVEN (1997), the sequel to iconic adventure game MYST (1993), is getting VR support when the remake launches on Quest and SteamVR headsets, which is now set for a June 25th release.

Cyan has revealed that Riven a is now available for preorder on Quest 2/3 (re: not Quest Pro), discounted to $31 from its launch day price of $35.

You’ll also find it on Steam for flatscreen, which comes with launch-day support for PC VR headsets. The original article announcing Riven’s VR support follows below:

Cyan Worlds says Riven will launch on the Quest 2 and Quest 3 as previously speculated, which will come in addition to SteamVR headsets, and both on Windows and Mac.

There’s no update yet when to expect the game’s launch. The game’s Quest Store page indicates however we should expect it sometime in “Summer 2024,” so we may be in for a release date fairly soon. The original article announcing Riven’s VR support follows below:

Original Article (March 19th, 2024): The studio today revealed it’s releasing both flatscreen and VR modes sometime in 2024 when the game releases, having just updated its store page on Steam (also available on GOG) to include mention of VR headset support.

There’s no word on whether we can expect Cyan to build a Quest-native app as well (see update), but at least we can confirm it’s getting SteamVR support.

The studio has been an active developer of VR modes for a number of its games, including the Quest-native version of MYST (2020)Firmament (2023), and its first VR-supported game, Obduction (2016).

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The remake is said to blend the original’s intricate puzzle-solving with modern technology, offering stunning visuals and a fully explorable 3D world—which is in part thanks to being built in Unreal Engine 5.

We still only have a teaser to salivate to, although as soon as we see a proper gameplay trailer, you’ll be the first to know.

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  • I guess the thing to do is be excited by this, huh …?
    Well, since, after FOUR FUCKING YEARS,
    I’ve officiallly given-up *all* hope of Quest hardware
    *ever* reaching it’s full potential because of stupidly
    shortsighted devs making primary-colored zombie-themed tower defense/ endless runner/ Match 3 dogshit,
    OK yes: color me excited ….
    But that being said, I’m still gonna hold out that xLAB will blow our doors off with a “Star Wars” flight-action title ….
    []^ )

    • Foreign Devil

      Your crazed rant has nothing to do with this article.

      • Boy, are you VERY bot smart, you brainwashed simpleton ….

    • ApocalypseShadow

      I just want ILM to be paid by Facebook to update Vader Immortal. Update the textures, raise the resolution, create a mixed reality dojo based on the previous dojo’s levels, mixed reality fights against Vader, Yoda, Luke, etc. Shootouts against Solo, Lando, Troopers, etc. And, at the end of the three stories, there was a new map based the light saber you still had. Which could give flying level dlc, space battles, co-op, extra story to follow and multiplayer space battles.

      Just take the existing game, make it better, and add extra. We could always hope EA does something like port Squadrons. But we all know EA are busters and suck big time making anything. And with their distancing of licensed properties, they probably wouldn’t bother a second time.

      • I like the way you think! lol
        []^ )

  • zoidberg590

    Riven VR is literally my ideal game in the world. I am extremely nervous about the changes they are making, (especially after Myst VR, ouch) but I trust Richard Vander Wede. I’ve been following this since the start of the Starry Expanse project, and finally it’s happening!

    • Zantetsu

      Can you go into detail on what was wrong with Myst VR?

      I have never played Myst (despite being of prime ago to do so, I was in my early 20’s when it came out) and I think that playing it in VR sounds like a great way to enjoy this (as I understand it) classic.

      But I’d like to know what your criticisms are (no spoilers please!)

      • Arno van Wingerde

        Myst was an absolutely class-leading game at the time (1993), gorgeous graphics, nice but complex puzzles, interesting story…
        They converted it to VR, but originally forgot for instance that you need to make notes of complex hints found in one place to take to another place and use. Ever tried making notes in VR? pass through might let you do it… but it is not fun! Fortunately this was added in later. Also, as @MaxSMoke777:disqus said, the puzzles are overly complex and add playing time at the expense of fun.

        • Zantetsu

          Thanks for the details. Do you think it’s worth it to try it anyway? Realizing of course that everyone has different tastes, but if it’s a complete train wreck that you think no one is likely to enjoy, that would definitely turn me off.

          • Arno van Wingerde

            Certainly, I bought it myself, then put it away since there was no notation possibility, but now I will give it a try when i finish the 7th Guest.

  • Everybody remembers Myst fondly, but people tend to forget the Myst, and all of the other games Cyan Worlds makes, are SUPER SLOW WALKING SIMULATORS. They want to wow you with visuals, and they certainly can… for a few minutes… but you’ll be spending HOURS walking back and forth, since they just love to run you around in circles. Everything is always spread out and requires dozens of trips back and forth. No matter how pretty the environment is, you’ll learn to hate it eventually.

    I think they have this concept that they are giving players more gametime, and they certainly do, by HOURS, but they forget to actually make it fun. You start out full of wonder… and then, hours later, wonder why you ever wasted your money on Cyan. :/

  • Runesr2

    Why is news about more bottom-end standalone phoneVR Quest garbage placed in the “PC VR NEWS & REVIEWS” section?

    • ViRGiN

      Runesr2 – day 0 valve index cult member posted today:
      “if my Index broke, I’d buy a new one – and I would not mind the $1k much :-)”

      • Dawid

        Would you recommend to buy this game on Steam or in Meta store?

        • ViRGiN

          I don't know if i can recommend the game, but buying from Meta is always the most logical choice. There are Meta os headsets announced.