Oculus today was on a mission to prepare for consumer release and that means content. One of the biggest sources of movies, used the world over is Netflix and now, as of today, you can download and use Netflix in virtual reality, via the Samsung Gear VR.

Movies and Gear VR have seemed to have become inextricably linked in mobile VR user experiences. With a lower powered VR device, watching immersive movies on the go with an untethered device is an ideal niche.

Now, casual users who want to watch movies in their own private VR space, rejoice as Netflix has come to the Gear VR. What’s more it’s available right now via the Oculus Store content portal.

It’s an interesting move by Oculus that acknowledges the need for a first step and gentle introduction to wearing a virtual reality headset. Presenting a familiar experience in an unfamiliar device does this whilst also offering a service people want.

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