Well here’s something you don’t see every day. George Takei, of course famous for his role in the original Star Trek series where he played Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, punching (or rather failing to punch) a virtual shark in the face.

In episode 202 of Takei’s Take, George visits software developers Chaotic Moon Studios (2m 46s in) to take a look at their virtual reality project where the design goal was simple, to “..create an underwater experience where you can punch a shark in the face”. With that introduction, George dons a HD development kit / prototype and proceeds to completely fail to punch a shark. Looks like the company are using either a Kinect or similar a leap motion unit stuck to the front of the HMD to detect punching motions, although it didn’t look to work so well in this case.

We want to play it. If Chaotic Moon are reading, release that demo please!

Updated: Thanks to David in the comments for pointing out the glaringly obvious (Leap motion not Kinect). I blame sleep deprivation thanks to E3.

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  • David Mulder

    Comm’n guys, there’s a freaking leap motion glued on front… Looks like the company might be using either a Kinect

    • Paul James

      Can you tell that story was a quick turnaround? :)

      Good spot David, updating now.