Sony is quietly releasing the new hardware refresh of PlayStation VR they announced last month in a newly revealed Skyrim VR bundle which delivers everything you need to jump into Tamriel with sword and fire spell in hand (except the PS4 and TV, that is).

For $450, the bundle includes the PSVR headset (CUH-ZVR2), PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, and Skyrim VR with Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn DLC. An updated demo disc also comes in the package, providing 13 game demos. Pre-orders are available in the US at Amazon with delivery slated for Skyrim VR’s November 17th launch.

image courtesy Sony

First seen on PSVR’s US site nonchalantly mentioned in the FAQ, Sony is bringing a minor hardware refresh to PSVR that promises to erase a few pain points. The updated headset features integrated audio, a slimmer connection cable, native support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) pass-through via its new Processor Unit—all while being 10g lighter. The current PSVR model (CUH-ZVR1) technically supports HDR pass-through, but you have to fiddle with HDMI cables every time you want to enable it, or buy an external switchbox if you wanted the clarity and maximum color reproduction the PS4 can provide.

You’ll be able to tell which unit a bundle carries by looking at the box, although admittedly that is easier said than done when looking at online listings, as it seems Sony is trying their best to not make a fuss out of the hardware refresh.

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In fact, it was first thought the PSVR + Gran Turismo Sport bundle, which launches November 10th, would also contain the new updated PSVR, but a hard-to-read image confirms that the previous version (CUH-ZVR1) will be in the box.

image courtesy Sony

Besides the fact Skyrim VR is poised to be an instant fan favorite, the fact that new VR users get the very best bundle currently on offer, which includes the full-length game basically for free when you consider the current price of a the ‘all-in’ launch bundle is exactly $450—well, you can guess what’s going to be under a few trees this Christmas. That calculates out at $60 savings; the price when you buy Skyrim VR alone.

To tide yourselves over, check out the new TV spot for Skyrim VR that does its best to communicate just how immersive VR should feel.

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  • NooYawker

    If I had a ps4 I’d jump on this.

    • Me

      I have one of those, and must admit that I’m tempted, because the overall experience seems more user friendly than the Vive’s nightmarish current state (between Viveport, Steam, Revive and such, there’s always something going wrong at some point, which is a no go for anyone else in the family).

      But I’ve already been burned by VR, and big studios departing from VR development is not very reassuring for its future.

      I’ll wait and see…

      • NooYawker

        You feel burned by VR? I think it’s been pretty good considering this is gen 1. Being an early adopter has many pitfalls, overall, I feel pretty good about it.

      • dogbite

        Can’t speak to the PSVR but. I have been playing a heavily modded Skyrim with vorpx on my CV1 and it gets a LOT of my playtime even like that. I can’t wait to see what the Pimax “8k” might do for Skyrim.

  • oompah

    Thumbs up to Sony

  • Mr. New Vegas

    I so want to sell my (brand new, used twice) bundle plus games to get this one.

  • chicanoterp06

    posted this in the other post showing discount on bundle for black Friday but I felt it was appropriate here:
    has there been any news with regard to the length that skyrim vr will be exclusive to the ps4? I really hope its not a year…I already have a vive and rift, but playstation does have a few exclusives…hmmm… I think I will end up regretting getting the whole vr bundle+ ps4 just for skyrim, farpoint…not sure what other hits they have that are exclusive

    • chicanoterp06

      anyone have psvr and a rift/vive that would care to chime in? if you are used to using a rift/vive, is psvr so gimped that I would regret buying it? FYI I don’t have a ps4 so I would have to buy that as well

      • Gloria

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      • Donald Smith

        I got the PSVR launch bundle when it first came out, and although there were a couple of fun (if limited) experiences like the London Heist thing and that game that was basically 3D pong with your head as the paddle, some other stuff was pretty atrocious (Drive Club VR, RIGS). It just wasn’t enough to make me want to hang on to it so I sold the whole kit not long after.

        Fast forward to this summer when the Rift Touch bundle dropped to $399, and it was like a whole different league. The display quality is noticeably better and the level of detail is not even comparable. I added a third sensor, and room-scale is basically the main thing that compelled me to keep it and start buying games. If you already have a gaming PC and don’t have a PS4, you definitely will want to stick with the Vive/Rift IMO, even with PSVR at $299.

  • Ian Kelk

    “The current PSVR model (CUH-ZVR1) technically supports HDR pass-through” The fact that you have to disconnect and rewire your PS4 every time you want to get HDR means it doesn’t “technically support HDR” in any way. This is misleading, and you should reword it.

    • dave

      Other thread was closed and so I’m responding here.

      If you put your Tesla order on hold it’s the same as letting people pass thru in a physical line. You don’t get put to the back. You’re just letting a few people pass you.

      I took my order off hold at the end of October thinking it would put me in position to take delivery in January. They called me in less than a week asking if I wanted to take delivery in two weeks.

  • Charles Ray

    Seems pretty shite that people who recently bought PSVR have to deal with a processing unit that doesn’t support HDR passthrough, but near future iterations have fixed the problem. People like me.

    Damn it.