Meta announced it’s overhauled its aging PC software with a few new features, which should make using Quest for PC VR gameplay a little less 2019 and a little more 2024, as it now includes more modern features such as a higher refresh rate on Quest 3, longer playtime via Air Link, and broadened support for nVidia 4000 series GPUs.

Meta updated its PC software, previously called the Oculus PC app, with “numerous bug fixes and enhancements,” the company announced in a blog post, noting it’s now changed the name to ‘Meta Quest Link’ app.

The newly renamed Meta Quest Link app should update by itself if you already have the PC software installed, otherwise you’ll need to download the app here.

The update includes support for 120Hz refresh rates on Quest 3, bumping it from its previous max of 90Hz. To enable the option, simply head into the PC software with your Quest 3 plugged into your VR-capable computer with a USB 3 cable, select your Quest 3 in the ‘Devices’ tab, scroll to the ‘Graphics Preferences’ section, and choose your preferred refresh rate.

Meta Quest Link App | Image courtesy Meta

Additionally, Meta has expanded its list of supported GPUs to include nVidia 4000 Series, which admittedly throws out a blue compatibility warning banner when using nVidia 4070, 4060, 4050 GPUs. Not to be worried though. They still work, as the company calls it a “transient error and does not affect usage.”

The company also says it’s enabled the USB Link Auto-Connect toggle, which will let your Quest automatically start Link when you connect it to your PC via USB-C.

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One of the biggest improvements overall with Meta’s newly rebranded Quest Link PC app is greater battery efficiency when connected via Air Link. The company says it has reduced power consumption “by approximately 30%,” which should result in extended battery life from 1.5 hours to about 2.2 hours of play time. Meta says we can expect similar results over wired Quest Link, however it depends on your PC’s unique power specs.

It’s good to see Meta hasn’t entirely abandoned its PC app with this overhaul, although it seems in reaction to recent developments by Valve, which launched Steam Link late last year, offering up a direct connection to Steam games through a dedicated app downloadable from the Quest Store on your headset. This comes in addition to Valve’s longstanding native support for gameplay on Quest and Rift headsets over cabled connections, which although not perfect, offered direct access to PC VR games on Quest without having to go through Meta as a middleman.

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Even after updating to the newly named Meta Quest Link app, you’ll probably still see a ton of ‘Oculus’ branding about, including software signatures (OculusSetup, by Oculus VR LLC), Oculus symbols, and even the Oculus name still on the app itself.

It seems the company is still deep into the sanitization process of the name change, which happened back in October 2021. One less ‘Oculus’ in the bunch however it the old Oculus accounts, which the company announced recently will be entirely defunct by month’s end, forcing its early adopters to switch to a Meta account or lose access to all apps, in-app purchases, store credits, achievements, etc.

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  • ViRGiN

    Awesome, the more from Valve, the better for the PCVR community!

    • Gabe Zuckerwell

      Gayben is dying

  • Andrew Jakobs

    I hope Valve will also release a Pico 4 version of the SteamLink app.

  • STL

    I‘m new to PC VR, playing on PS4 Pro and PS5 before. It took me a whole month to get an ASUS notebook with RTX 4090 and a Quest 3 configured in a way so I could play modded Skyrim VR with stable, clean and smooth video and audio. A task easily achieved within one day with a PSVR / PSVR2! And I happen to be a software engineer.
    From my PoV, the overwhelming complexity is the most limiting factor for VR games. Such an update is great news, but who will be able to find out and install?

    • NL_VR

      No it would be impossible on PSVR2 ss there is no modded skyrim and never will be.
      Mods was not supported on PSVR either which made the game just enjoyable by people sitting down playing with a controller like the regular console version. Which is also crap compared to modded pc version

      • STL

        You are comparing a 500 Euro machine with a 5,000 Euro machine?

        • NL_VR

          no its not comparable at all i dont understand what you mean. a PSVR2 on PS5 version of SkyrimVR will not be anything comparable a modded SkyrimVR on PC.
          PSVR2 on PC is also not comparable its still PCVR with but with a PSVR2 headset.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      You’ve been doing it wrong then, or you only did it 1 minute a day or something like that. Normally it’s just: open steam, install game, start game….

  • I wonder for how much Meta will go on with its PC store…

    • MeowMix

      the Rift store likely frozen in terms of support, but the PC support offered by Link/AirLink will continue on (It’ll have to). Link/AirLink is the only native store agnostic PC platform; it can play any PCVR experience from any store as long as it support Oculus SDK/OpenXR.

      SteamLink only offers Steam; Virtual Desktop has to manually support games, and for non-support titles the experience can be on the buggy side.

  • Jack Millerton

    The pc version if Robot Recall over linl keeps crashing after one minute or so. I hope this update solves it.

  • psuedonymous

    Update still seems to be bugged: no 120Hz option, but two of each of the 60/72/90Hz options. And weirdly persists with both the mainline and beta versions.

    • Nate

      For anyone with this issue, you need to make sure the software is also updated on the headset itself too. I had to update and restart both the PC app and headset and the double 60/70/90hz will be fixed

  • John

    Also the PCVR game Stormland is available in the store again!

  • Dickson Chui

    Last month i bought the Quest 3 and the official quest link cable. 4 days into PCVR it suddenly stopped working with update 62. I got the Liquid and Debris warning whenever i plug a USB3.0 or above cable to the Quest 3. (It happens even if the other side of the cable hasn’t connected to anything). Of course i used camera gear to blow away any debris in the port. Of course it isn’t debris at the same time as a software update. It is a false alarm.

    Now i can’t play PCVR with a USB cable. While i can still use Airlink with a slow power bank, and watch my battery steadily drop to zero in 3 hours. My other friends at Meta forum can’t. Their situations didn’t allow for my workaround.

    This bug was reported in early February and it is March-10 now (happy MAR10 day). There are reports in reddit and the official forum. Several support tickets resulted in canned phrases completely unrelated to their situations. The forum post now has 620 replies, making it into the Mysticle’s yt videos.

    Meta didn’t halt version 62 during public testing when this bug was reported, and instead pushed this update to the mass public. Now version 63 is rolling out, and it still didn’t fix the problem.

    Meta management has been ignoring the case for too long as it had been proven long ago that it was a false alarm. It is very irresponsible for them to pretend to come up with more features when they can’t even make the device work.

    • ViRGiN

      Why do you even bring that cringy “mysticle” into this?
      He constantly gets sponsored by various brands and then claim it isn’t sponsorship cause he didn’t get money but product. Doesn’t mark videos as sponsored either. Try to look for someone who isn’t targetting mostly people who never had VR and never will.

      Oh and btw, PCVR works fine for me.

  • I’ve never had an issue with Link starting up when I plug it into the PC. In fact, I’ve had an issue trying to STOP it! I use Wireless for PCVR, usually through the superior Virtual Desktop. Who wants wires when you can go wireless??

    When I wire it, it’s because I want to transfer files, which Link keeps interfering with. :p

  • Cl

    Now they just need to optimize controller battery discharge. As it stands if I use it on Sunday, turn off the headset and come back on Friday, my controller batteries are dead. Why so much discharge even if the headset is off?