Version 2 of the ’80s inspired NewRetroArcade is out, now offering an even wider selection of ’80s and ’90s emulated titles. The developers, DigitalCyberCherries, haven’t just swapped a few cabinets in the reminiscently dingy virtual arcade though, but have actually added support for yet more emulators including SNES, NES, and MAME to their already impressive list of vintage video games.

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Every arcade cabinet is now up and running, including Street Fighter 2 (1991) and Out Run (1986), which were originally blocked by conveniently placed bar stools. A few other favorites like Metal Slug (1996) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989) also make an appearance among the many new titles gracing the neon-lit gamer’s den.

DigitalCyberCherries has also added a PAL version SNES console in the corner (replete with pizza grease smudges) that gives you an even greater chance to relive the 16-bit glory days with titles like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1991), Earthworm Jim (1995), and  Star Fox (1993) to name a few.

NewRetroArcadeV2_9 2

The developers have made a concise choice in the new version of their NewRetroArcade tech demo: the team has decided to not sacrifice the nostalgic coziness of the arcade in favor of packing in both new and legacy titles from the preceding version—potentially expanding the hall’s modest footprint and ruining the vibe. Instead, the yet unmasked band of DigitalCyberBanditos have side-stepped the issue by allowing direct access to all of the games in a single emulator mode that serves up a solitary iteration of the ROM and corresponding platform of choice.

SINGLECABINETWhether it be on Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, or the host of arcade titles emulated with MAME, NewRetroArcade still doesn’t ask for any quarters (or tokens), however many gamers would gladly feed in the dollar bills just to have the chance to upgrade the demo to multiplayer mode. Even the ability to post high-scores would be a welcome addition in the arcade, which admittedly can become a little lonely.

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Considering the top-notch level of detail paid to this brilliantly realized space, we’re hoping DigitalCyberCherries has more up their collective sleeves.

Everyone’s got their favourite, retro-gaming experiences. What do you want to see in the next update?

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  • adilvr

    Hope they add a multiplayer mode, they will enter history to be the first reel virtual reality multiplayer game in the world.

  • Jacob Pederson

    Wow this is absolutely amazing. Does anybody know a way to exit a machine once you start playing it?

  • Jacob Pederson

    I’m going to keep right on ranting about how great this is. I can see the D-Pad moving on the SNES controller! Also, you exit machines by turning around and walking away from them of course ;)