Slice_1_1024x1024It’s been less than 24 hours since Google announced it’s Google Cardboard initiative at it’s annual I/O conference and it cause quite a stir.

Now,—a specialist in premium, hand-made cases for electronic devices—have moved fairly swiftly to offer you a pre-cut google cardboard case, bundled with all the required accessories (lenses etc.) for what it reckons is a much lower cost than you could obtain by sourcing the parts yourself. Their Google Cardboard VR Toolkit retails for $19.95 and ships with the following Google Cardboard compliant bits:

  • Pre-cut cardboard
  • Lenses
  • Magnet
  • Velcro
  • Rubberband
  • Upgrade for optional NFC tag (not included in base kit)

The catch? Current estimated shipping time is 4-6 weeks, which for some may not be worth the wait. For others less willing to spend time sourcing parts from around the web.

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Based in the UK, Paul has been immersed in interactive entertainment for the best part of 27 years and has followed advances in gaming with a passionate fervour. His obsession with graphical fidelity over the years has had him branded a ‘graphics whore’ (which he views as the highest compliment) more than once and he holds a particular candle for the dream of the ultimate immersive gaming experience. Having followed and been disappointed by the original VR explosion of the 90s, he then founded to follow the new and exciting prospect of the rebirth of VR in products like the Oculus Rift. Paul joined forces with Ben to help build the new Road to VR in preparation for what he sees as VR’s coming of age over the next few years.
  • deadering

    I don’t get it. Is there some sort of strap to keep it on your head? If not is it just binocular style “hold up to your eyes” kind of thing?

    I finally have an android phone with great hardware and 1080p screen so I’ve been looking for a HMD case but didn’t want to spend so much on a cheap plastic case. Granted I don’t want to spend $20 on some cardboard, but it’s less of a leap. I also can’t imagine this is comfortable in the least.

    • Mettanine

      I can’t speak for the real thing, but I used the blueprints to cut my own version from cardboard last night (I already had the Durovis lenses from an earlier attempt at building something similar). There are no straps, so you have to hold it up yourself (I’ll try adding one, haven’t gotten to it yet). So.. no, it’s not very comfortable and I find the FOV to be rather small, but the latter may be due to my build and/or my big nose, I’m not sure. ;) The lenses would have to be closer to the eyes. That said, the quality of the image and the tracking are surprisingly good though (using a Nexus 5). Hardly any screendoor effect, unless your looking for it. Plus, the cardboard app has some really nice demos… I especially like the “Windy Day” demo. Very well made, wish it was longer. :)