optimus-primeAs we reported yesterday with Benjamin Teitler’s impressive mo-capped Lightsaber demo for the Oculus Rift, re-living your fantasies of youth can be made reality through the power of VR.

Now, developer Tipatat, who was behind the recent Matrix Oculus rift demo, has released an early version of a demo which features Optimus Prime, as he appeared in generation one of the cartoon series. OK, so there’s not much to do except walk around and stare at his magnificence, but it’s an interesting demonstration of how effective the communication of scale is in virtual reality in comparison to traditional, monitor based gaming.

You can download the new demo at Tipatat’s website here.

Now, what childhood TV favourites would you recreate in virtual reality? Let us know in the comments.

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  • tipatat

    Thanks again for the support. I just released a new version with a transformation animation (triggered by a mouse click or return) and you can view him in different rendering styles like Celshaded by pressing 1-5 on the keyboard. Check it out!

  • tipatat