We wrote about Atajrubah recently and noted that the development team had moved to Unreal Engine 4 after spending much of the game’s life up to that point as a UE3 project. The Oculus Rift enabled open world survival game with an Arabian flavour looked great in example screenshots from the time.

Developer Nexy Media has released a new developer update announcing 3 new team members, update on gameplay elements  and a new video which shows the stark contrast between UE3 and UE4’s rendering capabilities. It’s yet more affirmation that UE4 has been gathering a great reputation with indie developers like Nexy. We reported not long ago on White Lotus Interactive’s shift yo Epic’s new game engine and their almost universally positive experience when they too made the leap from UE3.

You can catch the full developer update here and catch our previous article on Atajrubah, here.

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  • elecman

    Paul, I see that you were quick to correct the UDK / Unity confusion ;-)

    • Paul James

      Indeed. How many times have I written about these games and their engines and yet this time get it backwards?! The brain sure is a funny thing.