Cthulhu, Lord of the Deep
Cthulhu, Lord of the Deep

VRClay, the digital sculpting software built for virtual reality and motion sensing peripherals, has just launched the first public beta.

VRClay is an intuitive, digital 3D sculpting tool that aims to being 3D modelling to the masses using the power of virtual reality and motion sensing peripherals. The software is compatible with the Oculus Rift (both DK1 and DK2)  and leverages the 6DOF (degrees of freedom) capabilities of the Razer Hydra motion sensing controller.

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"Scott's Nightmare" by Ben Lang
“Scott’s Nightmare” by Ben Lang

As we reported just yesterday, the Czech Republic based team gave Road to VR Executive Editor Ben Lang exclusive early access to the beta. He went on to sculpt directly from his twisted imagination to create the model you see here. Disturbing imagery aside, Ben was suitably impressed with VRClays intuitive design:

The Oculus Rift DK2′s positional tracking only compliments the incredibly easy manipulation of models within VRClay. You can lean into and under the object, getting the angle you need without needing to make adjustments to its position constantly.

VRClay demonstrates a strong foundation and offers an excellent reason to dust off the Razer Hydra, which hasn’t seen many demos while users wait for the next iteration of the controller.

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Can any Road to VR readers rival Ben’s bizarre dwarf sculpture? Feel free to share your VRClay creations with us in the comments section below—we may just pick the best for a future follow-up article.

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