The ‘Beyond’ update to No Man’s Sky (2016), which brought VR support to the game alongside a host of improvements, is admittedly far from perfect. Hello Games seems to be chewing through some of the biggest gripes VR gamers have though, notably the game’s graphical fidelity on PSVR.

To that effect, the studio announced that they’re bringing some optimizations to all VR platforms, and not just PSVR.

Hello Games pushed out the update to their Experimental Branch on Steam this week, which lets PC VR users opt-in to early access features.

Here’s the VR-specific bits from the long list of bug fixes:

  • Introduced a number of PC VR and PSVR rendering optimisations.
  • Significantly improved image quality in PSVR: reduced blurriness caused by TAA jitter and fixed low-quality terrain/atmosphere jaggies.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Blaze Javelin not to work in VR.

The studio says they’ll be rolling out the optimizations to its other platforms “as soon as possible.”

In the meantime, check out our full review of No Man’s Sky in VR to find out why we scored it a solid [7.5/10].

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  • Gnomy

    That’s great. Still, Id like to see actual pro support. I mean, the pro has over twice the gpu power and vr is really gpu dependant.

  • kool

    Cool I’m just waiting on aim support tho.

  • ChristrutHisalvation

    Many games can’t compete with hello games nms.It got better with the beyond update and including vr was excellent.To bad they didn’t do that with star wars battlefront.That small vr experience was like a demo.

  • Michael Slesinski

    funny, to hear it from the ps fanboys everything ALREADY looks amazing on their garbage headset..

    • Gnomy

      Wow. Who pissed on your cornflakes this morning? Oh, and usually when people rant about fanboys without any type of reason or provocation, it turns out they are the fanboys themselves. Something to think about…

      • Michael Slesinski

        ..and people who talk out their asses about completely irrelevant nonsense dont know what they are talking about.

        • Gnomy

          At least you’re selfaware enough to take a jab at yourself with your last comment, since we are all really talking about something pretty irrelevant. Although, you’re the only one here talking out of your ass.

          • Michael Slesinski

            look fagot, if all you got is “i know you are, but what am i?” you can just come back at me after second grade.

          • Jistuce

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          • Tharny

            Your comments are really really embarrassing.

          • Michael Slesinski

            fuck your emotions.

      • Jistuce

        He pisses in his own corn flakes every morning just to ensure he has something to be upset about.

    • The irony of you using Fanboy

      … should be self-evident with your level of hyperbole. Also you have a perverse idea of garbage, which even cardboard isn’t. (pity it gets that reputation from idiots who try to introduce others via badly implemented roller-coasters)

      The fact that the textures are iffy is pretty well accepted on the PS forums and channels I know of – which isn’t the hardware’s fault, as evidenced by better visuals elsewhere and this update.

      I use mine for a handful of exclusives and to evangelise VR at dinner parties because it’s better designed for passing around than my Rift or Quest.(wipeable interface and the front slider work so well with glasses) which has gotten ~7~ other people into the hobby so far. 3 weren’t even gamers. To call that garbage undermines the hobby, mate.

      • Michael Slesinski

        what you say brings me a bit of sadness really.. for one thing you are dragging a console around with you to dinner parties? what are you 9? but even more disturbing is that you are popping peoples vr cherries on that bullshit poorly implemented spiderweb of filth! imagine how many MORE people would have gotten into the hobby if their first experience HADNT been a trash one? THAT undermines the hobby! you may as well be making peoples first sexual experience an anal one!

        • Adrian Meyer

          Bloody hell, take it easy yeah. No need to be so negative FFS.

          • Michael Slesinski

            its not negative, its simply realistic.

          • Immersive_Computing

            Nothing wrong with PSVR, it is what it is and proves an accessible / affordable route into VR with a good content library, not everyone wants to buy a PC and PCVR headset. I recently helped a family member buy and setup a PSVR and the family are thoroughly enjoying their first time using VR. Same family member tried my Index and was very impressed, but the price £3K PC and £920 for Index kit is not something they’d ever consider.


          • Michael Slesinski

            “it is what it is” IS whats wrong with psvr. dont get me wrong, consoles are inferior to pc in every possible way to begin with.. so people need to stop pretending THAT is a valid way to experience vr. why not just get them a quest if price is the only consideration? its cheaper than buying a shitty console AND the web of bricka-bracka required to get a shit vr experience going.

          • Immersive_Computing

            There is nothing inferior about playing Farpoint on PSVR + PS4 Pro with Aim controller, the first time I tried PSVR came away impressed with software and the lens/display choices. This doesn’t need to be a headset war, there are a number of choices and sales figures of PSVR show Sony read the market right by building a peripheral for a large installed base.

          • Michael Slesinski

            theres nothing inferior about it because theres absolutely no other platform to compare it to you dumb fucking twat! by pretending sales figures of psvr legitimize their shit product you are basically saying “justin bieber is quality music made by an extremely talented person”.

          • asshat

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          • Michael Slesinski

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          • Adrian Meyer

            It is a bit yeah, if they enjoy, who are you to piss on their chips? I mean I understand the psvr is not as powerful as pcvr but no need to have a go at them haha

          • Michael Slesinski

            its a dishonest opinion to have. its like declaring vanilla the best flavor of ice cream without recognizing ANY other flavors existing.

  • Nifty, I was wondering what the Blazing Javelin did, since I can’t use it at all. I also can’t use the Mining Laser on any vehicle in VR. And there’s the multiplayer bug that stops on of the players from using object menus, like using the Refinery or opening those green boxes.

  • Master E

    Have sunk in another 30+ hours since the latest update and found the VR tolerable and enjoyable after a patch or two. This game just keeps on giving. Great to hear VR is going to get even better.

  • Tharny

    This latest update in experimental is a big improvement. Hope the PSVR peeps get the same improvements. Especially the AA blur.

  • JesuSaveSouls

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        • Paul van Buuren

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  • Rosko

    Hope they fix the water on the pc side, game seems to be running well otherwise.

  • Ted Joseph

    I have been playing this on PSVR since it came out, and I am having a blast. When is this fix coming to PSVR? The game is awesome, and cleaning up the graphics would make it even better.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    100x better than elite and 200x better that star citizen.