CloudXR, NVIDIA’s real-time XR cloud streaming technology, is now publicly available through the Google Cloud Marketplace with Nvidia RTX Virtual Workstations as a Virtual
Machine Image (VMI).

Like flatscreen cloud gaming, XR streaming promises is to remove the high barrier of entry by rendering resource-intensive visuals on virtual machines in the cloud and serving them up to typically less powerful host devices like PCs, smartphones, or standalone VR headsets.

More specifically, Nvidia’s CloudXR tech lets users run high-end VR graphics in any OpenVR application, which now also extends to developers and vendors using the world’s third-largest cloud service, Google Cloud, something the company says can be done on instances that support Nvidia T4 Tensor Core GPUs.

Nvidia previously made CloudXR available on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure earlier following the release of its early access SDK in 2019, where the company outlined hopes of kickstarting CloudXR streaming amidst a mounting 5G-centric future.

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Whether that 5G future is right around the corner, or years away from fulfilling its many promises for both AR and VR, Nvidia’s CloudXR has decidedly become the most mature and scalable solution of the lot, especially now that it’s available across the top three cloud service providers.

Where that scalability leads us in the near-term isn’t certain. The promise of never having to panic buy the latest GPU out from under cryptominers just to play the latest in PC VR gaming is certainly a tantalizing prospect we’re hoping to see fulfilled someday, as standalone headsets and the promise of minimal setup have quickly become a focus in attracting an untapped vein of new consumers.

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Well before the first modern XR products hit the market, Scott recognized the potential of the technology and set out to understand and document its growth. He has been professionally reporting on the space for nearly a decade as Editor at Road to VR, authoring more than 3,500 articles on the topic. Scott brings that seasoned insight to his reporting from major industry events across the globe.
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  • Ad

    PlutoVR is using this right now. You should ask them.

  • kontis

    There was a post from a dev asking Nvidia rep how to release app using it on Oculus Quest when the Oculus ToS literally banned cloud streamed VR.

    The answer from Nvidia was: you can’t.

    Imagine offering a new awesome middleware for VR and it’s banned on the only relevant device in the market (I exclude PCVR headsets because they already run on PC).

    Congrats to Facebook for murdering VR innovation in a truly futuristic, dystopian way of corporate tyranny.

    • Mexor

      You are mixing market segments. Oculus Quest may be the only relevant device on the market for game developers. That’s entirely irrelevant to the market CloudXR serves.

      • KRN1VOR

        SteamVR stats for Headset vendor marketshare
        seems fairly significant to me…

        • Mexor

          You seem to have not understood what I already said and simply repeated the same faulty reasoning.

          It doesn’t matter if gamers have Oculus Quests. CloudXR is not for gamers. It’s not Steam accounts using CloudXR. It’s for professional users who wish to get data center quality VR streamed wirelessly through 5G networks or wifi. Anyone wishing to have such application will simply purchase whichever VR headsets work with CloudXR. They don’t care which VR headseats on the market are popular on Steam.

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    • Andrew Jakobs

      Simple, use sidequest….

    • guest

      Did you know the range of a 5G tower is a half mile and 4G 30 miles? Sounds like only rich kids are going to lose money on this modern VRML crap…

      • Cless

        So many rich kids in the cities! So rich even the poor zones are getting 5G. Damn those rich people that live paycheck to paycheck!

        • oomph2

          5G is also microwave
          dont fry your brain , & dont get cancer

  • Ryan

    I’ve heard some people getting amazing results with this professionally.

    • Cless

      I’m a profesional 3D game artist. I would say you can’t get amazing results with any current VR 3D app, and I’ve tried extensively all of them. You can get decent results you can later move into a proper 3D program and finish it though.

      • vertigo1

        Architecture and Engineering companies are using this to experience their design models. Even if the tools to create in VR aren’t quite there yet, the medium is still very useful in professional environments. The more the hardware barriers are dropped (especially with the shortages and high demand right now) the more accessible the medium becomes.

        It is interesting how in this instance, professional use is following the consumer use. When I started working with 3dsMax it was on a very expensive SGI machine. The software capability easily outpaced the hardware that was driving it…the tables have turned and now the software is trying to catch up, which is not easy to do when the goals move drastically every 2 years with VR hardware it seems.

        I saw the same thing as @disqus_9B7QBjlAUp:disqus with this very CloudXR tech being used to stream a design model experience halfway across the US with a Quest 2. Most A&E companies wouldn’t bat an eye at sending a Quest 2 to a client to experience their designs, but when you have to send a robust laptop or desktop with RTX graphics along as well it deflates the proposition instantly.

        • Cless

          Totally agree with everything you said! And yeah, definitely true for the case scenarios you are saying. It makes perfect sense to send a Quest 2 or something on those lines for those cases.

          I’ve tried so hard to make sculpting on VR happen, but the software like you mentioned just isn’t just there yet. If you put massive amounts of time you can get results… but why spend 20 hours on something you can do on a digital tablet on Zbrush in 5?
          I do believe it will be my device of choice once we get there though. To me, proportions and sizes are so much easier to work out on VR!

          PS. Damn, those old trusty SGI machines! I was but a kid when you were working on those I guess. Totally got in love what Rare did in the 90s for games with them!