VR Startup showcase VR Launchpad is now less than a day away and, in addition to a lively collection of hand-picked virtual reality pioneers and entrepreneurs in attendance, Nvidia will be showing off its latest, cutting-edge VR-ready laptop at the event.

nvidia_logo-featuredNvidia has left little doubt in the minds of VR enthusiasts that they’re dead serious about virtual reality. Their Gameworks VR initiative brings to its line of GPUs a host of features designed to enhance virtual reality content, from VR-SLI to Multi-resolution Shading, the company has worked hard to present itself as the company to beat in VR rendering.

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Their latest hardware move is a bid to meet the needs of developers and gamers requiring virtual reality on the move—VR-ready laptops. We reported recently that the company had somehow managed to squeeze a desktop-class GeForce GTX 980 graphics card inside a portable, notebook form-factor PC.

VR-LAUNCHPAD-500x350Nvidia is bringing one of the first VR-ready notebook prototypes to VR Launchpad, which kicks off tomorrow at the Computer Science Museum in Mountain View, CA. The event, presented by SVVR and Road to VR, will see 24 diverse startups pitch VR businesses focused on analytics, content distribution platforms, hardware, healthcare, entertainment, education, enterprise, and more.

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