First person adventure game Obduction has hit its Kickstarter target of $1.1M, but with only a few hours left until the deadline — can the final stretch goal promising Oculus Rift support be reached?


Myst. Mention that name to a thirtysomething and there’s a very good chance they’ll mist over, beginning to reminisce of a golden era of PC gaming and one of the most revered adventure series in the PCs history. Myst spawned a genre and a myriad copy-cats in its wake and for some, it’s never really been equalled.

2013 marks Myst’s 20th Anniversary (yes, that’s 20 years, aged gamers) and some of the team (having formed new Dev Studio Cyan Inc.) behind Myst and Riven (Myst’s sequel) are ready to explode back onto the scene with a brand new first person adventure designed to be the spiritual successor to both. So, expect lavish fantasy locations and fiendish puzzles—the hallmarks of the series. Although only concept art is currently available for show, there’s no doubt that the production design aspirations are there in abundance and the team have had no problems convincing people to help them make the game having met their $1.1M targe a few days ago.

But the team are now reaching out to the VR community for help in hitting their $1.3 million stretch goal—native Oculus Rift support designed and built in from scratch. If there’s one game on Kickstarter that I’m sure people have dreamed of making the transition to virtual reality it’s Myst. So, if you’re a fan of Myst or just an adventure game lover and you happen to own a Rift, go support these guys and ensure Obduction gets Rifted!

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  • Mageoftheyear

    We did it! :)

    I’ve never even played Myst or Riven but this looks amazing. The Rift titles I’m most looking forward to are the paced exploration games such as this, TG-SE, and Among the Sleep. And Private Eye. The second that ks starts I’m backing.

    • Ben Lang

      I didn’t think it was gonna happen but it pushed through and then some! Can’t wait for this one.

      • Mageoftheyear

        Yeah, this is gonna be special. I foresee myself just staring at the scenery for ages and ages. I bet artists are excited by how much more attention to detail we’ll be paying attention to once we’re IN their worlds.

  • Chris Given

    Hey Mage… I am a Rift fan and I too am looking for any and all Rift games and I see you mentioned a few I have not heard about yet… What is TG-SE and Private Eye? I have seen Among the Sleep and it looks cool too!



    • Chris Given

      Nevermind just found Private eye which looks great and i already backed the Gallery i just didnt put two and two together on that one which probably means i will suck as a private eye! haha

      • Mageoftheyear

        Hahaha! Lol, yeah sorry Chris I was out else I would have answered you sooner. One of the things that excites me about these titles is that although they are “short” experiences they are focused on exploiting a narrow set of mechanics (i.e. they need to specialise because they cannot afford to wander into feature-creep) which should result in a much more polished game.

        I’m okay with short games that are good experiences. What I’ve found lately is that whenever I go to my Steam library to download a game I avoid the blockbuster 20 hour + games and go for the narrative bursts of awesome instead.

        Unfortunately the ks for this game just ended, but they reached their Rift stretch goal in time and may set up their own store on their site to continue funding