Ready at Dawn’s single player sci-fi adventure Lone Echo (2017) already has its multiplayer mode, the much beloved sports game Echo Arena, but the studio says it’s bringing out a new first-person shooter multiplayer mode called Echo Combat, and also an expansion to the Lone Echo game.

Announced today on stage at Oculus Connect 4, the company’s annual developer conference, Echo Combat was quickly teased in a video.

The details are still thin on the ground, but Ready at Dawn says Echo Combat is (predictably) using the same zero-G locomotion method, and is said to arrive in 2018. It’s unsure if it will be a free expansion to all users like Echo Arena was for a limited time.

Oculus further said there will also be an expansion headed to Lone Echo that reopens the world of Captain Olivia and her best robot buddy Jack (aka ‘you’) in their mission through zero-G.

New 'Lone Echo' Launch Trailer

The game’s high-flying locomotion method is famously comfortable, allowing for fast-paced action without the problems of feeling artificial motion-induced nausea.

Oculus says more news is yet to come during the conference, so check back for more soon.

This story is breaking. We’ll be filling in the gaps as info comes in.

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  • Bruce Steever

    Oh my gods, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! Lone Echo mas more gimme!

  • Michael Franco

    Take my money NOW!

  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    Microsoft Gender Fluid Reality cucks will not be able to play this gem. Oculus Master Race owning VR to the last drop. PS : Vive is dead

    • Flikr


    • Dan

      Didn’t you get the memo? Being a mindless drone slavishly defending your multinational corporation of choice like a belligerent football hooligan isn’t really a popular theme in the VR world.

      Most of us are quite happy to weigh up the pros and cons of each system, make an informed choice, and won’t think twice about buying a different brand in the future if it provides a better experience.

    • Zed Clampet

      I don’t endorse this comment, but I do find it hilarious. So upvote from me, another Oculus owner.

    • Daniel Baumann

      Funny, I just finished Lone Echo on my Vive … I also play Robo Recall. Absolutely no problems ;) Can’t wait to play them on my Vive Pro.

      • Jean-Sebastien Perron

        Vive Pro will be released at the end of 2018 at a ridiculously high price. Vive pro is just an extremely expensive, bulky and too late “Samsung Odyssey” clone without the simplicity.

        • Daniel Baumann

          Actually I will get the Vive Pro in the first quarter of 2018. Less SDE, more wearing comfort and 3D spatial audio are worth the money, if you have it. Next step are the Vive knuckles. Don’t be such a fanboy, the Rift has the best games imo. Both HMDs are great.

        • GameKoers

          80% better pixel rate? First go search for info before you comment these arguments….

    • GameKoers

      I have the vive and play this game too, so suck on your closed platform bietchhh. PS: revive is reviving it.

  • Daemon Hunt

    Just bring this out for Vive already lol. I will throw my money at it. Finished Lone Echo via Revive only the other week, seems kinda silly to wall the garden when native support would have all the Vive owners throwing cash around. It’s seriously one of the best VR games I have played! Even with all the jitter issues Revive brings :/

    • Zed Clampet

      They need to keep it Oculus store exclusive, but Vive compatible. I know they are trying to sell more headsets, but there’s lots of money to be made as a storefront. Just ask Valve. By the way, I don’t know if it works in Revive or not, but Arktika.1 is fantastic if you like shooters.

      • GameKoers

        Ez peasy on revive

    • Jason Lovegren

      They want to maximize their profits. People having been purchasing on their home platform with Revive (Which they don’t block) from a marketing point of view, it makes sense. Their headset sales have went up as well as Vive owner buying it as well. But I get it, for example Steam VR runs like poo for me and I would throw money at Doom and Fallout but refuse to because Steam VR doesn’t run well with my Rift. Exclusive suck because everyone wants to play, however they usually perform the best. I love VR so much and want the industry to explode. I refuse to go back to caveman gaming (Mouse and keyboard = yawn)

      • GameKoers

        Hahaha same, and revive has some issues aswel

  • Zed Clampet

    More Lone Echo is the best news of the week. Go ahead and announce a sequel!