In a move seemingly designed to diffuse mounting expectations of VR enthusiasts everywhere on the eve of Oculus’ Connect developer conference, Palmer has quelled any hopes of Oculus Rift CV1 pre-order at the show. However, seems like we may still be in for a few exciting surprises.

Palmer Luckey has taken to rubreddit /r/oculus to straighten a few things out ahead of Oculus’ second developer conference ‘Connect’, due to kick off tomorrow in Hollywood, CA.

“To cut to the chase: We won’t be launching Rift preorders during the show, so don’t wear out your F5 key while you are watching the keynote!” said Luckey. Seems Oculus’ founder wants to keep minds focussed on what Oculus Connect is designed to be about, “Connect is a developer show first, enthusiast show second, consumer show third.”

However, just to keep excitement bubbling over, Luckey went on to say “There will be some consumer-facing announcements, but all in the context of their relevance to developers and the growing VR ecosystem. We will be announcing and co-announcing some really cool stuff.”

The co-announcement could be assumed to refer to Oculus’ blossoming relationship with mobile phone giant Samsung, perhaps regarding the next generation of mobile virtual reality hardware the two have collaborated on – namely Gear VR. But frankly, who knows what they’ve got up their sleeves?

We’ll see soon enough – Oculus Connect 2 kicks off tomorrow at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood, CA running for two days.

Road to VR will be at Oculus Connect to bring you the latest from the conference.

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  • Don Gateley

    Yawn. Same ol’ same ol’. It might be interesting to see what the next couple of days mean to consumers but my bet is very little as always.

  • crim3

    :( We’ll keep waiting. I hope I’m alive by the time it’s released. Odds shrink as time passes by.

  • pedrw nascimentw

    There are already 5 months that I’m putting off buying a phone!

  • care package

    I’m slowly turning my bathroom into an office including a lounge chair over a toilet in preparation for the CV1. Now I just need someone that can spoon feed me while I rift away and I’m all set!