Two images showing a seemingly consumer-ready box containing Oculus Go, the company’s upcoming standalone VR headset, found its way to Reddit and Twitter recently, possibly indicating that launch is right around the corner.

As first reported by TechRadarthe images appear to indicate that developers are now receiving the next big wave of dev kits. The first wave of Oculus Go dev kits cropped up at the end of November last year. Interesting to note: nowhere on the box do you see mention of ‘dev kit’, lending credence to the idea that this is the box you’ll see on store shelves soon.

image courtesy Reddit user ‘Bekris’

The box art advertises a number of apps including Netflix, Facebook, Hulu, Fox Sports VR, The New York Times, and Discovery VR. Games and experiences include: Anshar 2, Ultrawings, RUSH, Ocean Rift, Jurassic World and The Body VR.

The box purports to launch with “1000 + apps, games, and movies,” a claim that can be made thanks to the fact that Oculus Go and Gear VR will essentially share the same content store, which has greatly matured since the consumer launch of Gear VR in November 2015.

image courtesy Trusted Reviews

The Oculus Go pictured above is apparently the 32 GB model, which we know is one of the two choices available. As seen in FCC filings, there will also be a 64 GB version.

Oculus Go is still officially slated to launch “early 2018” starting at $200.

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  • daveinpublic

    Awesome, will probably pick it up day 1. This will be my first VR headset.

    • rabs

      I always worry when people try VR on 3DOF HMD first. It’s quite a limited experience compared to “real” (6DOF) VR, if not nauseating when users tend to move their head too much.

      Cheap 6DOF mobile HMD cannot come soon enough…
      Desktop HMD are down to $200 on sales already, but requires a good PC.

    • It will be the majority of user’s first VR headset,
      thus catapulting it into mainstream success.

    • dk

      it’s a gear vr……get a $220 winmr headset from amazon ……if u have a pc with at least a gtx 1060


    Let the pre-sales begin, already!

  • Papias

    Does the Oculus Go have a built in microphone for social VR?

  • Yes, the fact that GearVR and Go are almost the same is a great advantage for the Go device, that can start from a lot of interesting apps from day 1. The same doesn’t hold for Vive Focus, for instance…

    • rabs

      Those aren’t available in China anyway, so it’s not like they’ll miss something.

      Lenovo device will have to rely on Daydream content in markets where Oculus store is available, though. Don’t know how many meaningful applications are exclusives.

    • Guest

      It will make more people sick and Oculus will hide the huge number of returned product just like Sony does.

    • dk

      well at least in a year when the 835 is cheaper even the cheapest headsets will proper 6dof vr

      • Sheri

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  • Lucidfeuer

    Still out of stock or we will be able to order more?

  • KingMarvel

    Can you watch VR porn on it? That’s the real question.

  • YEAH, BABY!!!

  • Frankie Dingleberry

    So do these have positional tracking and 90hz screens? Because if not, I don’t think it’s worth it. It’s just basically a gear vr, a gimmick. It’s fun for showing friends and spending 10 minutes at a time in, but it’s a joke compared to the PC powered competition.

    • gothicvillas

      3dof. This fact alone is troubling.

      • daveinpublic

        $200 for complete system. No setup time. That’s exciting.

    • dk

      well the lenovo daydream will be 6dof headset…..but not super powerful/capable and not that cheap at $400 ….but in a year there will be cheap ones similar to it

      • El Pingüno

        if I’m not mistaken, s8 galaxy runs only at 60hz in vr mode

        • dk

          yes but as far as I remember all dedicated headsets like the lenovo/ the focus/the go all will be like 75hz
          but yeah phones r 60hz except for the razer phone but vr is not really a thing on that one

  • flamaest

    Thoughts on needing a 64GB model, worth it? Lastly, why no SD card.. geez..

    • Lack of SD slot is really disappointing. 64 gig is not enough for even a modest collection of 360 content, and even if you have a gigabit connection for streaming, few if any content providers have a fast enough CDN to support glitch-free streaming at decent quality.

      Maybe I’ll spend some time figuring out if I can store stuff on my NAS and stream it from there.

  • kool

    I wonder how much ps pro equivalent headset would cost.

  • superdonkey

    i can see this selling really well. social vr + movie watching.

    • gothicvillas

      why would you watch poor quality movie on a phone screen attached to your face? These days when we have HD and 4k in almost every home, watching films on Oculus Go would be like watching Youtube video on 240p. It defeats the purpose. Social apps? Well, that maybe be the case. Remains to be seen how these apps compare with PC tethered headsets. Social Apps have a lot of interesting and complicated interactions. Im not sure how 3dof will translate into smooth experience… Oculus Go is basically google cardboard. Only difference is that in google cardboard you also have phone. in Oculus Go you wont have that. Yes, I am very sceptical but lets wait and see. They may change my mind once this hits the stores,

      • El Pingüno

        poor quality? have you ever tried Netflix on gear vr with s8?

      • daveinpublic

        Oculus go has higher resolution than rift/vive.

  • MW

    So basically gear VR (3years old) — news from Oculus? Eeeee… No. Buy Samsung, and you will also have smartphone… I really don’t get it. WTH HTC and Oculus doing???

  • oompah

    A VR headset that does not look
    like spectacles , is already a dinosaur
    Nobody likes to flit across with a large load tied
    to ur face (nerds on ur face hah ha)

    An ideal Headset :
    1. One that looks like specs
    2. Projects images from sides onto the glasses ,
    if u can have small camera in mobile, why not a microprojector
    using the similar optics
    3. with AR of course , nobody likes to remove the headset in order to change the video clip in laptop, this is major lacuna of current headsets , so difficult .
    4. can have batteries / powerbank connected, in pockets .
    5. should have 6-7 hours continuous play at a stretch non-stop
    6. should not cause headaches / discomfort / nausea
    7. Should not cause eyes to focus on the headsets, rather focal distance (for eyes) should be natural
    8. Eye tracking to locate the pov quick to enable foveated rendering
    9. To have stb to take most workloads (AMD intel NUC)
    10. Finally to have lifelike rendering using Metro light transport etc ray tracing algorithms (too far a target but considering moors law , u can have it in a few years so plan for it NOW becuz that will make everything else extinct)